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OZIETWIN Posts: 680
10/8/12 10:05 A

I weigh myself daily (in the morning) expecting fluctuations up or down depending on time of the month, what I have eaten, etc. However, my "official weigh in" is weekly. On Sundays is what I record as my weight.

That way, if I see a downward trend over the week I am heading in the right direction and the day to day variances don't throw me off my weight loss journey!

Good luck with your journey!

CATHY63RED Posts: 1,508
10/6/12 1:28 A

Once a week is definitely the way to go


BRITTZ27 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 10
10/5/12 7:06 P

Thank you :)
I have been increasing the amount of weight training I'm doing therefore may put on muscle mass that increases my weight. It's hard to know if the weight you put on is fat or muscle :(
Yes if my weight fluctuates each day because of what i have eaten or drunk more water, it can make me feel like I haven't achieved anything since my weight has gone up in a day. I think I'll start trying to weigh myself once a week and see how it goes.

PCONN5 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/3/12 11:23 P

When I started working out I would weigh myself about once a month and then hide the scale. That thing can be so unmotivating! Remember when you start working out you might gain initially because you are gaining muscle mass. Plus make sure you drink plenty of water. They say 8 glasses a day, but thats for someone who is inactive.

BRITTZ27 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/3/12 11:00 P

Thank you! What a great idea! emoticon

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,076
10/3/12 2:31 P

Since I can easily gain 10# in a week, I always weigh myself daily. Helps me to know that if I have pizza, I'll be UP about 2#. Remember, one quart of water is 2# as a gallon is 8#. If I have pizza it has a lot of salt and I hold a quart of water. emoticon

BRITTZ27 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/30/12 5:34 P

I'm a new member and loving looking at everyone's inspiring stories emoticon

However I am unsure on how often I should weigh myself to track my progressions.

I have been told by some not to weigh myself everyday but unsure why? Should I be weighing myself the same time once a week?

And does anyone have a preferred time of day to weigh themselves?

Any advice would be appreciated! emoticon

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