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8/2/12 1:05 P

The league I was in, we used the NFL Fantasy League, it will draft for you, you can put your picks in early, customise it any way you want pretty much. We had one guy that did not show up to draft, it was his first year, the computer drafted for him, he won it all and retired the next year from the league he thought it was to easy!

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8/2/12 12:25 P

Peoria Matt- I love that post! Classic.

I started a league with college friends in 1991, and like your league, we were 'pre-historic" in that we were basically pre-internet/e-mail, and kept track by handwritten stats. It was hard back then to get newspapers to list sacks, int's, etc. In a way it was more fun that way!

Also like you, i have never really won a champiosnhip. i say 'really", because I have won 2 titles, BUT I did not draft either team that I managed to win a title. I had to miss the drafts for each of those years, and the guy who drafted for me deserves more credit than i do!

I basically gave up fantasy football in about 2005 or so. The league I started in 1991 still exists, but only 1 of the original members keeps it going with his new friends where he lives.

If someone starts a free espn league with other SP members, let me know!

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8/2/12 12:20 P

If your intentions are to get to know each other, I would hold a live draft in a neutral location, like a bar or park. The GM (you) would take everyone picks and enter them the web site.

You can also do a live draft with everyone sitting in their homes.

The problem is getting everybody family holds the draft every year on the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend. Some people wait until the night before kick-off, and I have even seen people do it during the Thursday game with special rules, but they are pretty hardcore.

The final option, which is pretty casual, is to set up an automatic draft. You can use Yahoo for that and it works pretty well. It's pretty easy to set up a private league and send out emails.

We use ESPN for our family league and it has been fine for the past few years

Hope that helps


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8/2/12 11:10 A

Hey, I've played a little fantasy footbal in the past with my dad and some of his friend's from work when they needed another player, then almost pissing all of them off by almost taking the championship with no research :)

But now I'm looking to play online with some new interns at work. I figure this would be a good way to get to know each other and whatnot. My question is which site has the best free fantasy football system? And when should we plan to have our draft? none of us would be taking this very seriously. And with online, do you all get together and draft and then enter your people later, or just find a time when each of us can be at our home computers and online for a couple hours. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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8/1/12 11:21 P

Looking forward to fourth year,first year made it to the finals and got blown out,lol.I just started my research for 14 player league. emoticon

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7/30/12 2:49 P

I was playing before it was cool and I had to explain it to almost everyone. Just to put in perspective:

--I found a program that I ran on my Tandy1000 pc
--I had to manually enter the stats from the newspaper
--You called in your picks on the phone...yes a landline without an answering machine
--You had to call me or drop by the house to find out your scores
--In our third year, the program I used began offering a stat download service through Compuserve
--AOL and Compuserve were about the only thing on the internet, other than BB's
--I was excited when I got 14.4 modem

So, I have been playing since 1987...and in all that time, I have NEVER won the damn championship. My wife won the second year she played, that's the only time the traveling trophy has been in our house.

Every year I say I'm done, but they just keep reeling me back in....


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7/30/12 1:19 P

I have dplayed the last ten years, this year i am taking a break from it!

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7/28/12 12:14 P

Yeah I'm looking forward to getting started back up in my league this year!

7/27/12 12:32 P

I've been playing for three seasons now with some guys from my church. It's pretty fun. Most of them can tell you stats and all the players. I like football but don't have that much time. I use the espn predictions mostly. As the seasons go by, I'm starting to figure out my own plan of attack.
My wife hates watching football with me know (She is a PE teacher and loves to watch sports, I'm a lucky guy) because I'm rooting for guys on opposing teams.
Builds good camaraderie between the guys with some fun smack talk.

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7/25/12 9:06 A

My son heads is own league but I can't seem to get into it.

7/24/12 6:39 P

Just curious.

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