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BERRY4 SparkPoints: (276,059)
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Posts: 14,980
6/12/12 9:26 P

Three whole months! And then I lost 10#'s the next month.

The body will do what the body will do...on its own time table! Live the life and it will work!

FLUFFYWOOL SparkPoints: (1,939)
Fitness Minutes: (946)
Posts: 75
6/12/12 2:57 P

For me, it moved the wrong direction at first! But after two weeks it all kind of whooshed off, and now if you do the math, it's right on track where it should be. I'm just over five weeks in and not quite 8 lbs down, which is right at the 1.5 per week I set my goal to. Scales are goofy.

KARONKA SparkPoints: (2,094)
Fitness Minutes: (3,016)
Posts: 41
6/12/12 1:39 P

This round, I'm only into it for a week. I've lost 3 pounds. I AM doing Insanity 6 days a week though. Once the Insanity program is over, I'll start running for a couple of months and then start Insanity all over again. But with just running last year and counting calories, I lost 9 pounds, but I didn't stick to it in order to reach my 25 weight loss goal.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,803
6/12/12 1:31 P

took me six weeks for the first pound to come off...

KRALLEN1 Posts: 257
6/12/12 12:47 P

For me with in the first week I started losing weight but I haven't been on the program for very long. I have done similar calorie counting programs and I lose quickly at first but then it tends to slow down. I just gotta keep my body guessing.

LYNSEY723 Posts: 3,114
6/12/12 12:31 P

For me it only took a couple days. BUT after maybe 3 months I have had a hard time getting the scale to move again (it's been within 5-7lbs for 3 months now). I am seeing changes in my body even though the scale isn't moving. It will happen for you if it hasn't yet!

MICHELE349 Posts: 6
6/12/12 11:29 A

Just curious - how long did it take for you to start seeing the scale move once you started cutting calories and tracking your food? A few days? A week? More?

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