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7/31/11 2:42 P

Hi Rick

Thanks for the question! We do use basically a proprietary "culture" that we've developed over the past 15 years of running internet companies and building the SparkPeople program.

This includes paying our team a bonus for following a consistent healthy lifestyle program themselves.

We'll be continuing to add more tools for reaching other goals in life since health is just the start of what we're really about (as explained in our book The Spark and in some places on the site).


Chris (SparkGuy)

7/29/11 4:14 P

Hi Chris,

I was wondering how your team internally motivates itself and keeps up on its goals. Do you have proprietary systems that you have developed? Or do you use programs and services like BaseCamp or Project?

I found Spark People to be fun and engaging and I have really wanted something similar for my work and life goals outside of the health area.

Thanks much,


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