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5/2/12 5:59 P

Well, today was a good day, plan some house cleaning, and mopping the bathroom, kitchen and my bedroom by listening to some music on WBLS, 107.5 a New York station. I danced and did some of my exercises. I had not been motivated to do anything.. I was determine to get out their and do what I have to do..

I had decided that I would walk in the neighborhood at least 3-4 days a week in the morning.. but the weather said other wise this week. I asked someone from my church to walk with me... Friends are a good start to you taking the leap that you need to get motivated. I will not give up there will another day that will float my boat to get out there and push myself... I strive everyday to make my journey complete to becoming fit and healthy...

Peace and Blessing.. emoticon

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5/2/12 3:36 P

doing the SP first thing in the morning. gets me started.

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5/2/12 9:04 A

by meeting a friend to workout

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5/1/12 9:30 A

Setting various short term goals, they each have different timeframes and it keeps me on my toes and accountable...but, I have a group of friends who are really focused on healthy lifestyles, so that also helps!

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5/1/12 8:50 A

Buyning clothes a size down!

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4/29/12 3:30 P

How is it going, Gayle?

HEALTHYIN2014 Posts: 548
4/18/12 8:58 P

Thanks for the reply. I am trying to find the long term "it" that clicks. Congrats on your weight lose. You are an inspiration!

4/18/12 8:38 A

This question has come up loads of times in the message boards of SP. I believe there is no real answer, because staying motivated is a very personal path/battle. Just as there is no miracle pill for weight loss there is no miracle motivation maintainer.

Motivation comes from within, it comes from your soul telling your food addiction to "shut up". Your soul getting to a place where you will not be beaten anymore by something as innocent as food.

My motivation is not a dress, or a swimsuit or wanting to look like a supermodel. My motivation, the "it" that clicked, is wanting to be happy, wanting to have energy, wanting self confidence and wanting to beat my addiction to food.

It will not be easy, but surprisingly it will not be hard. Get yourself into a routine and find balance/moderation in your food intake, not all or nothing. I started with Gillian McKeith's Boot Camp Diet: 2 weeks to a new you. I turned this into 4 weeks. It is pretty hardcore and does make you address so many other things than just food intake. Get your husband involved, we all need to eat healthfully to have a better quality of life.

Good luck and emoticon

HEALTHYIN2014 Posts: 548
4/17/12 9:56 P

I am on my 2nd day tracking my food and exercise. I am so glad that I found SparkPeople!
My concern is that after a few days/weeks my motivation runs out and I go back to eating the wrong foods and large amounts of them. This has happened many times in my life. My husband has even come up to me to ask "are you on or off today?" Because if I'm on, I'm being very on track, but if I'm off, it's anything and everything I want. I am definitely a feast or famine eater. I am so impressed by people who lose 30 or more lbs! I have never stuck to a program that long. I am looking for suggestions and ideas to help me change my feast or famine lifestyle and get healthy and stay that way.

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