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4/23/12 9:15 A

It was beautiful...... never imagined finding it through that source....and my love for him remains even when we are 90 minutes away......

JERRILYNN7 Posts: 247
4/23/12 9:14 A

to each his own

RONIGH Posts: 631
4/23/12 9:05 A

It doesn't matter whether it's online, or any other way. The main thing is to find love.

CIRANDELLA SparkPoints: (0)
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4/23/12 8:37 A

I met my DH the old-fashioned way (in real life), but if this works for you - and it does for some - enjoy it!

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
4/23/12 8:34 A

It's not for me, I like meeting people face to face.

BEY220 Posts: 5,007
4/22/12 8:50 P

It's definitely not for me. I enjoy meeting people but not with any sort of "love" or "physical" interest.

SPIFFDEB SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1,483
4/22/12 7:56 P

My observation from people I know is that it doesn't work out most of the time. I have no doubt there are exceptions to what I've seen. I would not feel very comfortable doing it for myself.

KCLARK89 SparkPoints: (44,612)
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Posts: 1,243
4/22/12 7:00 P

I've done it and I've made quite a few really great friends online. But it is definitely very scary and you have to be smart about what you say to people and how much you reveal and when because you really never know.

CAMEOSUN SparkPoints: (86,617)
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4/22/12 6:46 P

Eldest son's friend at college met a female online. They got married. It turned out the chick was psycho & had been through 3 marriages prior. She lied to him to 'trap him' & took his money. Be careful.

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LORTHOM2001 Posts: 3,676
4/22/12 4:37 P

no regard for it at all.

LOVES2RUN08 Posts: 553
4/22/12 4:27 P

If it works, it works! But its not working for me yet. lol

JOANIEBUG46 Posts: 4,214
4/22/12 4:25 P

My DD found her boyfriend there and I can't think of a better match for her! They're a very happy couple!!

4/22/12 4:24 P

I met my hubby in an AOL chat room (anyone remember those??) 14 yeas ago! We'd both be on around the same time everyday and were always talking sports... so he asked me to a Yankees game... the rest is history emoticon

My only suggestion is to take it slow! Anyone can be anyone online. For every success story I'm sure there is a disaster story! Best of luck to you and I hope it works out!!!!

4/22/12 4:20 P

I might have met my honey....

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