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6/14/12 10:20 P

Yup, measure or weigh before and after, then track the difference.

6/14/12 8:27 P

Thank you.
That makes perfect sense.

6/14/12 8:12 P

WHen I asked this a few weeks ago:
"I have been marinading my chicken breast in Wishbone's Light Asian dressing but I don't know how to accurately get the amount of calories I add to my meat through this.

I usually marinate two chicken breast in a ziplock baggy with 1/2 cup of dressing then I place them on the grill when I get ready for dinner.

There is usually almost all of the marinade left in the baggy so how do I take this into consideration?"

This was the answer I received:
"For example....If you start with 1/2 cup marinate (8 tablespoons); and 6 tablespoons remains in the bag.... Then only count 2 tablespoon in your calculations."

So I would add up the calculate caloric of the modified in the recipe calculator and then just calculate what you still have left...

I hope this makes sense! Good luck!!

6/14/12 8:00 P

I modified a recipe for schwarma so that we can eat because my ds is dairy allergic. I don't use it as a sauce. The chicken just sits in it awhile. Do you just calculate caloric content using all of the ingredients anyway?

Meant to add that the original recipe did not have calculations either so it is of no help.

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