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11/14/12 4:05 P

I have the Walmart cheapo Sportline and I love it. I have had it for years; I just keep replacing the battery. Two things I do with mine that you might consider: I added an inch or so of small chain and a small carabiner, attached to the top part of the clip. I clip this onto the beltloop of my jeans (at the front) and then the chain allows me to clip the pedometer to the appropriate part of my pocket. Presto! The pedometer is in line with my hip, and the chain keeps me from losing it. Then put a small piece of office tape over the reset button. It will still be pushable but alot harder. If the button sticks out further than the face of the pedometer, you may be able to slice a thin wafer off of it with a sharp craft knife. As you can see, I like to modify things to suit what works for me. Even if you ruin it, it is just a cheapo you can easily replace. I wouldn't try any of the above with an expensive one. Happy tracking!

INKA-RENEW Posts: 553
11/14/12 2:57 P

Had the same problem with pedometers resetting- I now look for the ones that have a cover over the reset button.

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11/9/12 9:17 A

I used a cheap Sportline for years and loved it. I think I know what you're doing wrong. You shouldn't clip it to your underwear. Clip it to your pants over your hip bone (side of body). If it's on your underwear and your pants are pressing against it, it will reset. If you're wearing a dress, then you may have a problem, but as long as you are wearing pants, jeans, a skirt, you should clip it to that. I never ever had problems with resetting. However, sometimes when I would go to the ladies' room, it would go flying off when I pulled my pants down LOL!! Be careful of that!

11/9/12 6:23 A

I have an Omron that I got at Walmart for $25. It resets at midnight, and stores up to a week's worth of steps. I can look back to see what I did each day. It's very accurate for steps, and works great just carrying it in your pocket.

CAYCESMOM Posts: 381
11/8/12 7:10 P

I have a Sportline pedometer, it cost about $40 though. Mine resets every day at midnight (mine is supposed to). Does yours have a clock? Maybe the time is off. Hope this helps!

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11/7/12 11:19 A

I'd recommend investing in a nicer pedometer. I've tried several cheapo ones, and they never work well. Try omron brand, you can find them on Amazon for between $20 and $30.

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11/7/12 10:32 A

Sounds defective to me!

11/7/12 10:24 A

I finally bought myself a pedometer, just a simple ten dollar one from Walmart. The brand is Sportline. I want to see how many total steps I'm getting in a day. But sometimes when I check it, the darn thing has reset. At least last night I know I got my 10,000 steps in. In the early evening it said over 7000, and then when I checked a while later it was somewhere around 1000, before bed it was over 3000. But usually I don't know what it was at before it resets. Frustrating!

Am I wearing it wrong? I clip it it to the side of my underwear. Should I take it off before I exercise? Would exercising reset it? It takes quite a long hold of pressing the button to reset it, and I really don't think I could accidently hold the button in that long.

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