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6/14/12 10:54 P

Apples with warm peanut butter is a family favorite. Hard boiled eggs or tuna fish in my salad is how I get my extra protein in.
Best of luck emoticon

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6/14/12 9:18 P

This was very encouraging and informative, thank you! emoticon

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1/23/12 10:18 P

I use cottage cheese to increase my protein.

1DRWOMAN Posts: 2,151
1/23/12 10:17 P

I use to struggle with this as well, but no more! here's some "norms" for me now...:) Maybe they'll help.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with walnuts, prunes and apple...with a glass of skim milk and sometimes depending on the rest of the day, I may add a side of scrambled egg whites or soft boiled eggs...etc. Also smoothies with protein powder is always a yummy quick thing. Add some frozen berries, etc,

Snacks: string cheese, greek yoghurt, nuts

Lunch: Tuna, chicken breast, lentils (I love black beans and mexican stuff so I tend to go spicy..etc and stuff it into a wrap, etc. veggie burgers, salmon burgers, turkey burger, etc,

Dinner: same as lunch really...but I do fish more since I am home. I do tend to have a smoothie sometimes as well. :)

I started doing better when I started aiming for 30% of my meal being protein. By planning meals ahead of time, you're not stuck guessing and grabbing whatever is handy that doesn't keep you in your goals. And can 1/2 servings of things if you don't need the whole serving. :)
Let me know if ou have any questions. :) Even adding Quinoa to a salad helps...etc.

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1/23/12 10:04 P

I used to have issues getting my protein. i started getting kashi go lean cereals, plain (lower sugar/ less additives) or greek yogurts, adding more beans to my diet (also a great way to get fiber.) i also use lean meats in controlled portions.I like most dairy so i also use this as a way to get my protein as well.

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1/23/12 9:55 P

Eggs and Tuna are my protein boosters.

IODOMFIT Posts: 276
1/23/12 9:24 P

Chobani greek yogurt is high in protein. I also drink the 100 calorie Muscle Milk light (after workouts) which has about 15g of protein.

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1/23/12 8:32 P

Skyr sounds interesting, and I do enjoy cheese and yogurt, so that might be neat to try. I'll have to see if anyone local sells it. Anyone know if any of the major Canadian grocery chains carry this stuff?

GEEKLING Posts: 601
1/23/12 10:51 A

Dunno if you have it available in your location. But Skyr - a kind of Icelandic cultured milk similar to yogurt, is higher in protein than most other yogurts.

So, if you're eating yogurt, switching to skyr instead, might bump your protein dose up a few more grams.

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1/23/12 10:12 A

also struggling with this.
I am trying nonfat yogurt this week, and low fat cheese.
I didn't think about protein powder. I don't know what I'd add it to and I think it would taste gross?

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1/23/12 9:23 A

other then meat, i have cottage cheese

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1/23/12 8:12 A


IMSILLY Posts: 186
1/22/12 8:01 P

Chobani Greek yogurt is high in protein....especially the vanilla flavor. emoticon

1/22/12 7:42 P

egg WHITES for breakfast (or whenever) lots of protein and very low in calories and no fat

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1/22/12 6:33 P

I dont eat meat so how do i get protein in my meals/I started one week ago I notice most of my foods are carbs. Someone please help.

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1/22/12 5:49 P

Breakfast cereal isn't "real food" :-p I know many people want to stick with real food but realistically, it's tough to get in good, quality protein to maintain a body that's training, working hard, living life, etc. It really is. If you aren't buying organic cuts of meat, then you might even be WORSE off not buying a good whey protein powder. I'm not a fan of dairy myself. For me, I hold water easily. When I drop dairy, I feel great. Again, that's just me though. I recommend to all my clients to test it out and see how they feel when they drop most of their dairy (mostly milk and cheese, unless it's raw...different than just organic).

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1/22/12 5:32 P

I love Canadian bacon, very low fat and not a lot of calories, so I have that for breakfast with a hard boiled egg and sometimes a high fiber english muffin. That boosts my protein and keeps me full for a while.

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1/22/12 5:30 P

Whey protein powder. One of the cheapest sources of protein yet one of the best!

W8NG2XHALE Posts: 244
1/22/12 5:29 P

Having the same problem. And thanks to you guys, I have some options.

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10/4/11 4:04 P

Chicken and fish have a lot of protein and lower calorie count. You make them so many different ways and flavors.

ALI_ASHTON Posts: 17
10/4/11 3:36 P

Thank you all for the suggestions! I went with my mother and my older brother to Target today (ours has just opened up a fresh produce/grocery aisle) and bought a bunch of food I can use to help up my protein intake. emoticon

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10/4/11 12:53 P

I agree with Becky -- if you want to increase the percentage of your calories that come from protein, you have to decrease the percentage of calories that come from carbs and/or fat.

But remember, too, that Spark sets a somewhat arbitrary recommendation of 20% of your calories from protein (I say "somewhat arbitrary" because that's about what they say -- they say they had to pick a number, this is a good number to pick even though it's higher than what you need, because you might need the extra protein to build muscle). Given that everyone else tells us that our protein ought to be in the 10-35% range (see, e.g., the Mayo Clinic), I usually don't sweat it if my protein is below.

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10/4/11 10:31 A

I've been having the same problem - I have no trouble getting enough calories, carbs, and fat, but I often come in low on my protein. I'm not keen on protein powder, I'd rather stick with real foods. I get a fair amount of dairy from breakfast cereal, cheese, and yogurt. I've also just taken up kickboxing, and want to support building my muscles! Any suggestions for snacks?

UGAKATE85 Posts: 2,630
10/4/11 9:39 A

whey protein powder in skim milk

VEGAN711 Posts: 140
10/4/11 8:51 A

I am a vegetarian and I get a lot of my protein from cheeses, beans, and lentils. And I loooooove pumpkin seeds too! And eggs are a staple in my diet! :-)

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10/4/11 8:47 A

I add protein powder to my oatmeal in the morning. The shrimp was also a great suggestion!

ILOVEMY2BIRDS Posts: 2,646
10/3/11 8:47 P

I have the same problem getting enough protein. I guess protein powder is the only way sometimes.

ROXIELU0422 Posts: 317
10/3/11 6:04 P

add in more lean meats like chicken, shell fish, white fish, pork to your diet, Greek yogurt is good, low fat cheese. great sources of protein.

10/3/11 5:46 P

I love fat free greek yogurt!

10/3/11 5:08 P

If you plan to eat at the upper end of your SP protein range, you will need to eat in the middle to lower end of your fat and/or carbohydrate range. If you make your food tracker public, we can give more helpful tips and suggestions. Let me know if you need the steps to do this.
Dietitian Becky

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10/3/11 4:15 P

We have added a lot more protein to our diets this past year. We replaced some of our carb calories with protein calories. It has really helped stabilize my blood sugar throughout the day.

A few things you can add as a snack...rolled up sliced turkey breast, hard boiled egg, greek yogurt (make sure not too much sugar in it). I also make my own snacks and protein bars using simpleat (whey protein). It adds a lot more protein without extra fat. Plus it has the added benefit of being textured instead of a powder.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,569
10/3/11 3:47 P

As long as you are not allergic to them. Shrimp and Shellfish is a good way to get protein. Generally they are low calorie and low carb.

Salmon has more calories, but contains heart healthy fat.

ALI_ASHTON Posts: 17
10/3/11 3:43 P

Does anyone have any advice for how to include more protein in my diet without going over or into the higher range of my daily recommended calorie intake? I can always meet my carbohydrate intake and most days I can manage to get my fat intake as well, but I really struggle with getting enough protein and it bothers me that I consistently fall short of making that goal.

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