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7/12/12 8:07 A

View your recipe book, look to the right and for each recipe it offers several options including delete, share, and EDIT. Click on edit and go ahead and change what you want, then save.
An alternative would be just to add it to a meal, but put 0.25 in the quantity column. That would just enter a quarter of a serving.

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7/9/12 10:05 P

I calculated the nutrition of a recipe and saved it so I could add it to the nutrition tracker. I saved it as if it was for one serving when really it is for 4 servings. I would like to edit this but I don't know how. Also I did not want to submit to share with the Spark community because I did not make up this recipe but it has a place to send "ratings" which seems odd since I did not submit it (just saved). Could someone help me with editing my recipe? Thanks.

I am editing this post. I figured it out. I can edit it from "my recipe box" and there I see that it has not been shared. Sorry for the unnecessary cry for help.

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