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3/2/12 6:24 P

I agree with 5k your way mentioned by the previous poster.
It's easy as it's all laid out for you step-by-step.
I did the walk/run program last fall and this spring hope to do the all running program.

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3/2/12 6:15 P

Well...I weighed 271 at my largest. I got down to 190ish and started Spark People. I wish I had found it earlier but later is better than not at all. I started with just food decisions because I hated exercise. I am not much of a fan of heavy duty sweating. At my least I was 128 and was a little thin. My husband says too thin but I kind of liked it. I have recently moved and gained 30 pounds back. I needed to gain a good 15 but now I need to loose back down to 140. I am not worried because although I am not perfect I know how to do this now. You can learn too. A couple years ago when I got into SP I didn't work out at all. I walked occasionally and I parked far from stores mostly because I didn't want my car dinked up. I started with Coach Nicole's DVD Fit Firm and Fired Up (only 10min a day). I highly recommend some strength training. It makes the rest of it work so much better. There are articles on SP that support that theory too. I had started consistently walking an hour a day. Once we moved I was looking for something else to try. I ran across a 5K Your Way article. It seemed possible. I signed up for one of the training programs. I committed to myself (in my head) that I would finish it not matter what. If I liked it at the end I would continue. If I hated it I would find something else. I loved it. It was so weird to me that I could run. I have never been athletically inclined. I love sports but have never been good at them (like the rest of my family). I finally got up the nerve to run outside. It took weeks. I look back and think how silly it was that I ran on my treadmill when I could have been running in the park down the street. I just always have been uncomfortable doing physical activity in front of others. Fast forward to now and I got a bike for Thanksgiving and signed up for a cycling team and a couple challenges. Now I run and bike. I prefer outdoors most of the time although it is nice to have a choice to do exercise bike or treadmill when it is bad outside or I am really short on time. Anyway...I have met some of the greatest supporters on this site. Specifically the running and biking crowds. They are fantastic. Coach Nancy is great. Check out all the articles on running in the Running Center under the Fitness tab. I am sure you will find the program that is right for you and some fantastic people who can make a difference in your running life. Sounds like you are in good shape for a running buddy (hubby) so you have both avenues covered (in person and in cyberspace). Good luck to you. You can be running 5 and 10Ks in just a very few weeks with this sites help. Happy running. Feel free to contact me from my Spark Page with questions or just to say hi! I copied the link to the 5K Your Way article below.
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I started to run (well jog!) with my (much fitter than me) hubby until I hurt my right foot to the point where I was finding it very uncomfortable to carry on. We decided on a route that went on for about 2.5 - 3 miles and thinking that I had the potential to be an amazing athlete I tried to do too much too quickly and ended up being disappointed when I didn't do as well as I thought I should.

The hub then picked me up, dusted me off and decided that we would run in sections so I'd walk until I reached the first lamp post on our street, then I'd jog to the next, then I'd walk, then I'd jog etc. As I started to be able to jog for longer I'd space out the runs so I'd run three, walk one and carried on from there.

I actually developed a bit of a love for jogging and my foot is healing nicely so hopefully I'll be out in the fresh air again soon!

Also C25K is supposed to be a really good way to get started.

Good luck!

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3/2/12 12:02 P

Im 25 and weighing in at about 250 pounds. I like to walk at night, but I would REALLY like to be able to run.

Im wondering if, anyone has a story about when they were able to start running? How did you work up to it...and how long did it take you? And if you weighed as much or more then I do... were you even able to run at that weight?

-Thanks For your comments!

**Also follow me on YOUTUBE Im dropping weight every week-and making a video.

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