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5/21/12 9:59 A

ditto of what everyone wrote. You can do it.

5/21/12 12:52 A

Sadly, no magic answer...JUST DO IT...
but I suggest you take small steps. You have many ways avaiable to you to exercise...try one of them each week to see which you like best. Many Sparkers just love Zumba, even people who hated exercise...why not start there...and join the Zumba team here on SP!
Good luck!

MONTREAL12 Posts: 4,191
5/17/12 6:14 P

If you're committed; just do it!

MIDNIGHTER1 Posts: 6,706
5/17/12 11:10 A

I was quite stationary before I started again.I started with a walk around the neighborhood,then added blocks daily til I was able to not be so winded.I started using dumbells in my basement twice a week at first as to not get too sore and quit.That was 42 pounds ago.I did a lot of reasearch as to how and what I wanted to do and told myself if i miss a day, don't beat myself up,get back up and keep going.I agree with NIGHTSKYSTAR, challenge yourself and u will be self- motivated when you accomplish it, good luck,we are all pulling for you.

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5/15/12 7:26 A

How about this..i challenge you to go to the gym in your building and do ONE thing today. just one. But i'm betting once you do you will want to do more..
let us know how you did!

ALBAUGHMO Posts: 2,819
5/14/12 4:31 A

i don't know but am going to be in the same position when i finally get my cast off after 8 weeks with a broken foot

5/14/12 1:48 A

Hello all,
I heard about this website from a friend and I am hoping it is helpful for me. I am in a really good position to lose weight right now...I am studying for a licensure exam and do not have a job. There is a great gym in my building, I have a Zumba class pass for a gym a few blocks away, and a 1 month unlimited yoga class.

I have all of the resources, but I just can't get to that first workout. It is really frustrating. I have put on a lot of weight this past year due to different stresses (and I lost a whole lot of weight last year before my july wedding). I just want to get going again and can't find the motivation to do it.

I am a big procrastinator and can find a million reasons not to work out during that moment when I am thinking about it....

So, SP did you get going after a 2 month break? Help!

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