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9/28/12 3:18 P

I'm not a doctor or dietician, but from what I understand, a lot of the medications for bipolar disorder can mess with your blood sugar and your glucose tolerance. That can make it difficult to lose weight even if you're following the correct calorie guidelines so lowering carbs even to the low end of your Sparkpeople range might help. Cutting down on "bad carbs" like eliminating sugar and white flour and othe refined stuff doesn't hurt anyone. It also might help to try to make a few swaps to help reduce your carbs. You can use shiritaki noodles, ribbons of zucchini, or spaghetti squash as noodles and you can use cauliflower instead of rice (there are other substitutions as well). You'll cut calories and get extra vegetable servings and you don't have to do it all of the time either.

TKORTE99 Posts: 143
9/28/12 12:50 P

I limit myself on bread, pasta and potatoes, but at the same time, eat fuits, yogurt, an occassional protein bar. You can still eat carbs but try to get your carbs from better foods, like fruit instead of a bowl full of pasta.

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9/28/12 12:48 P

You could go for more leafy veggies. Lettuce, zuchinni, broccoli, cucumber, peppers are great, low cal cal and filling.
Try to lighten up on bread/pasta/rice at meal times. Have an extra serving of non starchy veggies instead.

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9/28/12 11:17 A

''What is your age, gender, height, weight.''

-I'm 23 next month, I'm a girl and I'm 5'8

If you scroll down, there are pictures and stats. I don't know the other stuff. My weight has been swinging between 110 and 115 kilos in the last two months. I will cry for three days straight if my weight gets above 115 kilos, I thought being 100 kilos was tough! At least New Zealand is getting better with providing plus size clothing... unfortunately its really expensive and I can't afford to buy the majority of it!


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9/28/12 11:12 A

Well, one day for breakfast I had 2 pieces of toast, 1/4can baked beans, 1/4 can tinned tomatoes, peanut butter and a few spoons of low fat greek yoghurt. Apparently that would have been fine if I had only had one piece of toast.

When I was losing weight and tracking calories on sparkpeople, I was having 1/2 can of baked beans and 1/2 can of tinned tomatoes for breakfast every day and it was fine. I was probably also having toast. I get really good, grainy stuff (or whatever its called, vogels in NZ) and I only usually eat bread with the heart tick sign.

I wouldn't call myself a big bread person, but I think it brings a meal together nicely. The only time I really have a weakness for bread is in the form of pizza, pinwheels and toasted sandwiches. I need to stop eating toasted sandwiches for a while because 1 is never enough for me- I need to eat 2 or 3 before I start to feel satisfied, and that's 4 to 6 pieces of bread- yikes! I wouldn't eat toasties in the periods that I'm tracking calories though.

I don't like rice, but I eat it with other things. I love pasta. I try to eat two pieces of fruit with breakfast and with yoghurt for snacks. I try to eat one vegetable with each meal, and I eat 2-3 serves with my main meal.

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9/28/12 10:55 A

What kinds of carbs are you eating, and how many grams per day? I don't really like going crazy low either, but find that something in the 100 gram range works well for me (about 25% of calories). The kind of carbs is very important, too. Try to stick with carbs that are combined with fiber and protein, no refined white bread, sugar, etc. Swapping out bread, white rice and pasta for things like beans, sweet potatoes or quinoa can help. Non-starchy vegetables don't need to be limited - fruit can be overdone. I think 2-3 servings of fruit per day is reasonable if you're trying to control carbs. Berries and melons have less sugar, so they are good choices for fruit.

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9/28/12 10:40 A

To be honest, I'm not constantly tracking calories and trying to lose weight. I can get down to a certain size but I stall at a certain weight while I'm still considered obese. Its frustrating. I lost weight easily before I went on Epilium by following Weight Watchers. I ate what I wanted and just stayed within the correct point range. It was really effective. I wasn't trying to eat healthy at that stage. I try to eat healthy now.

I'm wondering if the pills are the whole problem. If I never changed from these meds I'm sure I could strip fat from my body and tone up, but I'm not sure about actual weightloss. I don't know if there's any point having perfect mental health if I end up dying from obesity related causes.

I don't take everything my sister says seriously, but I don't have any reason not to trust the Personal Trainer at this stage. I've made it clear I want to follow the guidelines set by the NZ Governments healthy eating guidelines. Not some other eating scheme. I don't believe you can keep the weight off by eating less than the recommended amount of carbs.

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9/28/12 10:30 A

Unless your sister or trainer are registered dieticians, I'd be careful about taking any nutritional advice from them. Especially a trainer, there's a ton of "bro science" in gyms. If you're staying in your SP ranges, you're likely fine. If 50% or less of your calories come from carbs, you're likely fine. While eating less carbs can help with weightloss, if you can't maintain that lifestyle, what's the point? The weight will come back. If you're having trouble losing weight by cutting calories, I'd first suggest that you are completely honest with yourself and measure and track every single bite that goes into your mouth. Do you ever guesstimate? Are you completely accurate? That's the first palce to look. Sometimes, I think we fool ourselves with the amount we claim in food diaries. Second, defintely talk to your doc about your medication and health issues and how it might affect your weight. Second, go to a registered dietician if it's really, truly a rpoblem for you.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 21,093
9/27/12 8:18 P

How about seeing a dietitian, who can sit and actually see you, talk with you to see what your lifestyle is like, and you figure out a plan for YOU, that you can live with. Dealing with others who have some obsessive compulsive impulses guiding them can bother what you do for your own way of living. My husband and I finally did this and it still helps us to see the dietitian, every 2 months. He is diabetic.

9/27/12 8:01 P

I would need more information.
What is your SP calorie and carbohydrate range?
What is your typical carb intake?
What is your age, gender, height, weight.
You can also contact me through my e-mail---if you want more privacy.

SP Dietitian Becky

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9/27/12 5:41 P


I don't want to go below the reccommended amount of carbs for my body by the healthy food pyramid guidelines, but I showed my food diary to a personal trainer and to my sister (a weightloss nut), and they both said I was eating way too many carbs. I have no interest in doing Atkins or something similar.

How can I cut the majority of my carbs from my diet without going hungry or getting bored with what I'm eating?

When I'm tracking my calories, I don't seem to lose weight. I have bipolar and am changing my pills (possible barrier), so that should help, but I think the carb thing needs addressing as well.

Can I still eat as many fruits and vegetables as I want?

Thanks :)

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