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11/9/12 1:48 A

Thank you =)

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11/8/12 8:30 P

You would enter the ingredients for the full recipe, then in step 2 enter the number of servings it should serve and click the button to calculate the nutrition info. The system will then divide all the ingredients nutritional information into the number of servings you said it should be.

As for the chicken, you would search for chicken and use one of the serving options it lists (it may need to be entered by weight for that item).

Coach Denise

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11/8/12 2:49 P

I'm having a hard time understanding the recipe submission process. To make a recipe, I need to enter the total ingredients for the entire recipe, such as a whole chicken, but how much of that is included in a serving size or what nutritional information applies to that. Am I supposed to enter the nutritional information for the entire chicken, and then it is divided into servings, or do I only enter the information for one serving? And is there really not an ingredient entry already for a whole chicken?

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1/12/12 2:32 P

Go to and do the following:

1. Click the "Recipe Calculator" tab at the top of the page.
2. Enter the ingredients, nutritional information and cooking instructions for your recipe.
3. At the bottom of the page above "Save Recipe" is a checkbox. Leave the box checked to submit to SparkPeople's Shared Recipes Database or uncheck the box to keep it from being shared. (Then click "Save Recipe.")
4. Click on "Recipe Box" at the top of the page, and your recipe will now appear there.

Coach Denise

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1/12/12 9:26 A

How can we submit our own recipe on here?
Thanks. Sia Bevis.

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