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10/21/12 9:27 P

So far I have been doing everything my doctor wants me to but I am finding that what he tells me and what physiotherapy tells me is totally different so now I dont know who to listen to but I am going to listen to my body because it is the one that counts right now. I have been doing well with my recovery but it will take more then 6 weeks for me to heal thats for sure.

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10/15/12 10:12 P

Take care of yourself girl! Good luck and listen to your doctor!!! emoticon

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10/14/12 9:45 A

Hi everyone, sorry I have been away from the group for so long but I couldnt sit at the computer for to long at a time.

My recovery is going good so far but I am finding that if I sit to long then my leg goes stiff and its that much harder for me to get it working. The doctor checked it last week and said that it looks great and that I can start and walk around now but I don't want to push it to far because I am the type of person who will end up falling flat on my face and then giving up.

I want to be able to get my leg to bend at 120 degrees and then straighten it 100% but right now that it hard because it has only been 3 weeks tomorrow since I had it done and it takes 6 weeks to 6 months to get it back to where I had it before.

My family wants me to take it easy until then but I cant sit still to long. I have been doing things that I shouldn't be doing and that is standing and cooking so my son is going to take over that part for me. My hubby thinks that I should do dishes but that is out untik I can stand without pain. my youngest son hopes that I can take him to the bus stop but his big brother told him that he would do it for me so that makes me happy that he is going to spend some time with his little brother.

I should only have to concentrate on my physio exercises and nothing else. I cant wait until I can walk around the block again even though it wont be until next spring.

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