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5/31/12 12:51 P

Tough call but I say not matter what you decide you're going to have to make a sacrifice. I love my family but having a "close bond" can be overrated.

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5/30/12 10:16 P

I also think school district is #1 with distance from work second. Once the kids go to school, you will have sick calls, little presentations, field trips- I work about 10 minutes from the house, and I frequently go to their schools for 15 minutes during the day for some kind of function. You can meet cousins/ grandparents every weekend, in fact, maybe grandparents could pick them up on Fridays and have a sleep ober with them while you have a date night.

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5/16/12 8:38 A

It's ultimately something you have to weigh out - maybe you've figured it out by now. But If it were me I would prefer to have my kids A.) in the best school, B.) Closer to me when I am at work. If you are close to your kids during the work hours, you can make the daycare situation work. If you can get to them quickly it makes it a lot easier to be with them when they need you. You'll still have the family close by enough that you can treat yourself on the weekends and even sometimes afterwork. I think the gas alone might offset your increased housing costs. If your situation is anything like ours you must spend a fortune in gas. My husband and I each have a 20 mile commute (not bad at all) and we spend about 800/month in gas! If you could save that much in gas then it'd be worth spending a bit more to live. IMO

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4/29/12 6:33 P

My priority is first, SCHOOL DISTRICT. Second, house location and neighborhood(which also means, if values go up faster in one place than the next, it says something about the location), Third, driving distance to work and forth, family. Now to some, family usually comes out as number one and I agree in some points that is true. But when one is talking about a 1 hours drive, that is NO big thing. Matter of fact, being one hour from a family might even be more of a blessing than not. Being too close can cause too many problems as much as being too far, but one hour, please, that is no big issue.

The reason I say school district is first is that you will soon find out how much that makes your life easier or harder. And depending on your kids ages and such, you are going to be putting up with that school district for many years to come. Keep the faith.

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4/29/12 2:35 A

Since you asked...I would love to have my kids grow up with their cousins (even though they don't always get along, either emoticon ).

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4/28/12 8:35 P

I don't have kids, but I think staying in your great school district is the best idea. Maybe buy a "little bit less house" and use the extra money to buy a more fuel efficient vehicle?

If your jobs are both 100% secure, then moving closer to work might be a more desirable option. But jobs tend to change quicker than school systems.

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4/28/12 9:56 A

OK... looking for some 3rd party opinions...

We are currently renting a house about a mile away from my mother-in-law and have a lot of friends and a reliable network of babysitters. However, we are ready to buy a house and really do not LOVE the town we live in. It is a small town with great schools but is sort of run down and I would really like to move. My husband and I each drive 45 min to work each day (we work in the same city but he works 6a-6p and I work 8a-4:30p so we can't carpool).

Originally, we decided to move closer to work. Home prices are higher, but we would be saving a ton of gas money, so an extra couple hundred dollars for a mortgage/taxes would probably be made up for with gas savings. Plus we could keep about 15,000 miles off each of our vehicles per year. And we would have extra time at home with the kids since our commute would be cut by appx 30 miles each way.

However, if we move we have to leave all of our family. Right now, my mother in law and I don't always get along, but the kids love having their grandparents and cousins so close. We have a wonderful network of babysitters and childcare that we would have to lose.

Option 1 : Buy where we are now. We are so close to family (but we don't always get along with them) and like I said, the school system is great. But the whole feel of this town we are in is kind of run-down. We could get a TON of house for the money here and keep the kids in a good district. But I hate the 45 min drive each day to come back to a town I don't love.

Option 2: My father-in-law, 2 brothers-in-law, and sister-in-law all live in another small town about 15 minutes away from where we are now. The schools are maybe not quite as good but are still good. The town is better kept up, nicer, and has a lot more to do. We found a couple houses we LOVE. Our house dollar won't go quite as far because property taxes are much higher, but we love the town. Negatives -- still about 40 minutes from work so doesn't help with the commute, gas, mileage, etc. And the drive in the winter can get nasty.

Option 3: Move closer to work. Our house dollar won't go nearly as far, but there are better school districts. We have a few friends nearby but for the most part will have to completely re-network with childcare, etc. We would be about an hour from family. But would be closer to work, so would have more time at home with the kids.

Is it worth it to leave all our family and our comfort zone to cut our commute and be closer to work? Or is it better to stay in a school district that may not be as good (although still a good district) and have the kids close to their grandparents and cousins?

Any opinions would be great. We have looked at houses all over but can't decide what we need to do so neutral opinions would be much appreciated!!

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