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7/19/12 10:15 P

I have this too! Suffered for many years trying to do step aerobics etc.... What worked for me best was always strength training to keep the muscle support strong. I love running but have to be careful with it..... And feel like i am playing with fire. I just switched to cycling and yoga (be careful with this too!!) and have noticed reduced pain and am getting in really good shape :).

WORST activities that cause tremendous pain are: kickboxing (my favorite!, but the twists cause a lot of ling term pain), running without strength training, any form of jumping, high impact aerobics, yoga without knowing twist and I am shot.

Hope this helps. No surgery for me yet, I'm 41- they told me I would walk with a cane by 25 ( although on some days I felt like using a wheelchairC). Hang in there!

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7/19/12 9:26 P

Hi Vanessa,

Please talk with your doctor again. While running is a great form of exercise you can still accomplish a lot without have to become a runner. My concern is that with your hip dyplasia issue you may develop other issues up and down the kinetic chain that could lead to other injuries in your future.

Even if another member has this condition, the degrees of the hip dysplasia will determine what you can and cannot do and that may vary widely between individuals.

Coach Nancy

7/19/12 8:42 P

I've Tried Yoga And Pilates And EveryThing Was So Hard To Do Because I Was So Flexable With My Whole Body Besides My Left Hip... I Used To Think It Was A Mental Thing, That I Only Thought I Couldn't Do It Because I Had Hip Surgery But After Months Of Trying I Still Couldn't :-(

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7/19/12 8:34 P

I don't have hip dysplasia myself, but there used to be a girl in my yoga class who had hip dysplasia and she said that she used to be in so much pain every day... until she started doing yoga. She was doing two to three times a week and had no pain. She also ran on the treadmill because she felt so good. I'm not sure if that helps??

7/19/12 8:03 P

I was born with hip dysplasia and have been through 3 surgeries in my life to attempt to get my hip as normal looking as possible. I doubt I will have any future hip surgeries because it’s fixed as can be, but I now walk with a limp. I'm 22 years old and this has been hard for me because I feel so self conscious. I have days where I don't walk with a limp then days that it’s really bad. I experience hip pain with weather change and was told ways to avoid it is to not do too much activities that involve walking, running, jogging, etc. I hate it so much because I love the thought of being able to run, I see a lot of SparkPeople doing 5K and it makes me sad to think I might never be able to do that. Is there anyone else that has this problem and can you still run? When you run are you embarrassed? Do you do most work outs or activities inside your home? I’m mostly looking to see if I’m the only one. I wish I could run without feeling as if the world is staring at me while I run. What are some ways to get around this feeling? Any suggestions would be appreciated =) and thank y'all in advance!

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