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6/23/12 9:15 A

Welcome to SP and remember it's not a diet, but a lifestyle.

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6/23/12 7:51 A

Welcome to SparkPeople!

Are you competitive by nature? One of my daily goals is to hit 100 SparkPoints. When I do that, I've not only read articles, I've interacted with other members by reading and commenting on their blogs and writing my own blog. 100 points gets me here and gets me active each and every day.

When I started, I made the commitment to workout daily and write a blog about it. On days when I don't feel like doing it, I think about the blog I need to write and I certainly do NOT want to write that I was lazy and did not work out.

Maintain your goals on your SparkPage (that's what all the goal-setting gurus write about) and make the goals public on your page. Write about it on your blog every day.

Weight loss = calorie maintenance, cardio, and strength. Calorie maintenance is every day, cardio is at least five days per week, and strength is 3 to 4 days per week. I believe you need all three for a successful weight loss and fitness program.

Above all, be consistent. Doing something toward you goal every day will pay big rewards over the next few months. You can do this!

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6/22/12 11:35 P

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1BEACHWALKER Posts: 13,219
6/22/12 10:43 P

Greetings Katie and welcome!!

Congrats on taking the next step to reaching a healthier you by getting active with SparkPeople - it's a great community, wonderful resources and fantastic support. You're off to a great start already, just by posting here!
Under Healthy Lifestyle at the top of your Start page the drop down menu, will show you lots of videos available here at SP. Good luck on achieving your goals!!
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RHEYNKLW Posts: 5,883
6/22/12 5:56 P

Hey, Katie, and welcome! Where in Germany are you studying? What a fantastic opportunity!

I love what you say about wanting to get the most about your body now, when you should be at your prime. That's really perceptive, and I think you will be successful here because you're smart like that.
Come by my page and add me as a friend if you're looking for a SparkBuddy, OK?
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6/22/12 1:04 P


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6/22/12 12:14 P

Hi there! I am studying abroad in Germany, and will be back in CA soon! The year has been awesome, but I have spent a lot of time indoors or sitting around, making me lazy and tired...Now I really want to strengthen my legs and lose weight in my tummy! I have been working with kids off and on, and will be getting my teaching credential next year, so I'd really like to feel able to run around and play with the kids more! Plus, I really feel like I am at my prime age-wise, and I do not think it is fair to myself to let myself continue to be unhealthy and not enjoying my body. I need to just get out more and walk, and do strengthening exercises at home. I do not go to a gym, and probably won't in the US either, but I enjoy tap dance, and that is a great workout! I like silly dance workout videos, as I grew up on my mom's Richard Simmons videos :-p
That's all for now :) nice to meet you!

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