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SCRAPPINPOLLY SparkPoints: (84,978)
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12/20/12 10:34 A

Hi and welcome! I hope you're little one is doing well after her surgery.

2LILMONKEYS1981 Posts: 47
12/20/12 9:47 A

I am the same way I lost 20 and for 2 years kept it off but wanted to lose more. So we got this girl !! !! !! (lol 30 came and went for me and I really want to be close to my goal weight by my 32nd birthday in july!!!)


JLW617 Posts: 24
12/20/12 9:23 A

Thanks for the encouragement, I want this so bad and I think I've honestly been lying to myself and Im ready to be honest so I can move forward with this battle! I said I was going to be fit again by 30, well 30 came and Im still here. Im going to do it this time!

JMORRIS85 SparkPoints: (65,787)
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12/19/12 6:02 P

Hi Jamie and welcome back. I'm sorry your little girl had to have surgery, but I am glad that she is doing okay. When you are ready, just start making small changes. Tweak your eating habits by gradually adding more fruits and vegetables and gradually reducing the sugar and starch. Find ways to add a few more steps to your day or some physical activity that you can do for at least ten minutes at the time. Increase your intake of water. You can do this!!! I hope your little girl is running around again soon. (by the way playing chase is great exercise) lol emoticon


JLW617 Posts: 24
12/19/12 5:28 P

its been a while since Ive been on here so Im going to start new, Im jamie I just turned 30 this year and I have 2 girls, a 6 year old and almost 3 yr old, I wont be exercising alot this week because my 6 yr old just had a hernia surgery so I have been busy taking care of her, Im going to try my best to stick to it this time, I just need lots of encouragement!!

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