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7/8/12 1:22 P

I want to second that welcome! I think the key is to never quit! No one but no one can be "perfect" at weight loss - unless they intend to set themselves up for a huge crash when they hit "goal". At least, that's how I think of it! "Practice for maintenance" covers plateaus when my body just won't let the pounds show on the scale. Same for bouts of eating too much - every time that happens to me, the food is healthy and not really in large amounts. So my dash toward "goal" weight is slowed - gives me time to really grasp the lifestyle change this change requires. Quitting makes no sense. There is no "blown it" and "failure" is just more practice. This is for life! Get your Spark on!

PATTYGRAN Posts: 411
7/8/12 10:53 A

I too started with a lot to lose. I've lost 87 and still have about 60 to go. It can be done, it takes committment and belief in ones self. I have to tell you though that I am so proud of myself and you will be as well. If you fall off plan, don't give up or chuck the day, just figure you fell once but it's OK and keep going. Forever I would blow an eating plan and then figure "what the heck I mells well eat now" I don't do that anymore, if I eat something I shouldn't, I get right back on plan. I've learned a lot about myself and I really like what I'm becoming.
Are you following the Spark Plan? Have you got an exercise plan?
Any questions?
Good luckand stay strong!

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7/8/12 9:28 A

Just joined today and looking for friends to motivate me and cheer me on. I have a lot of weight to lose and I want to do it properly!

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