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8/17/02 10:00 P

How's it going ? Keep at it!

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8/14/02 11:07 A

Hey alright a new star! It's a good idea to be fitness aware at a young age.Sounds like you already have some streaks going. It would be hard not to being a cheerleader and all and if you are American wow they really get that cheering thing down to fine and I mean fine art! Keep us posted and welcome!

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8/13/02 9:41 A

Hello! Welcome to the page! We are all suportive of each other here. I understand that you want to be more fit for cheerleading. I was an athlete in high school and in college, and I totally understand about having to get back into shape right before your season starts! At 5'11" one would think you'd play volleyball or basketball(volleyball was my sport)! I bet you're really good at cheerleading, and I wish you all the best! We are all here to listen, to nag and to just plain share. (we end up just chatting a lot of the time..).

What would you like to acheive thru physical fitness? There are many of us trying different things, and perhaps we could help you!! Talk to you soon!!!

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8/13/02 9:39 A

Wahoo! Another SparkPeople Star. Keep us posted on your successes and we'll cheer you on. The cheers will all have to be in writing and I, for one, could never do those cheerleader jumps even if I tried. You are right about the instant assessment that will pop into many people's minds about any female teen or young adult active in dance or sport looking to lose weight. Anorexia is such a dangerous thing that it is hard for the red flags not to show, especially for parents with young daughters.

8/12/02 10:22 P

Hey everyone! I'm new and I (obviousally) just joined about half an hour ago. I'm looking for results, and from what I've read, people are getting them.
I'm 15 years old, and I know you're all prbably thinking I weigh 100lbs. and I have an eating disorder, but I don't, I swear. I'm 5'11 and I weigh a little too much. I just would like to lose some pounds while also getting more physically fit. See, I am a cheerleader (and I am not like the sterotype; a short toothpick) and we're planning to comptete this season, and I'd like to be fit.
I hope someone will support me, I'll be here for all of you!

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