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ELISAJANE57 Posts: 763
9/20/12 8:32 A

I like the other suggestions. Most gyms will let you meet with a personal trainer for one free session, so you could look into that. Does your gym offer classes? I love the classes at my gym, it's a big motivator to keep me coming back for more. I had to try each class a few times to decide if I liked it or not. I feel good about going to classes because I know they are being led by a certified fitness instructor and I feel like they can tell me the right way to workout.

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
9/20/12 1:08 A

Option A - Ask at the gym and see what they offer in terms of showing your around the weights/helping you with a routine. My gym sets up routines for their members, and you can get a new one every 6 weeks.

Option B - Start with the machines. Pick 3 arm and 3 leg. Once you are comfortable, try working in some free weights (use the workout generator for ideas).

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9/19/12 7:36 P

Your gym should have a personal trainer. For a one time fee, you should be able to get a routine set up for you and basic instructions how to use the equipment. It may even be free; it was when I went to the gym.

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9/19/12 3:45 P

Here's the link to the workout generator:
. You can play around with it to see the various kinds of workouts. You can find workouts that last for 30 minutes and less or for 30 minutes to an hour in length. Since you have acess to a gym, check the box for the gym equipment and free weights/barbells. You can focus the workout to the upper body, the core, lower body, or do a full body workout. I guess you could just play around with it until you find something that could work for you. You can add the workouts to you fitness tracker. If you wanted, you could do a different full body workout each time you go to the gym. That's assuming that you do a full body workout each time you go (which is what I do).

9/19/12 3:36 P

I joined a gym for the first time and I have no idea how to set up a gym workout. I know the cardio part. The treadmill bike eleptical and whatnot. But how do I work in the weights and leg press machines and so on. Is there a website that anyone knows of that can help me set up a routine?

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