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4/23/12 12:56 P

If I were going to fry eggplant, I would probably slice it into pieces of one inch thick or less; or, alternatively, chop it into chunks and do a sort of stir-fry with it. The problem with frying, of course, is having to use oil which adds fats where you might not want them.

One thing you could try is slicing the eggplant into the slices as if to fry, spraying both sides with cooking spray, sprinkle flavors, and microwaving them. I've never actually done this, so I'm not sure how long, and it would probably depend on the size of the eggplant anyway. I would do 1 minute at a time until I got the desired doneness.

It won't taste like oven-roasted, but it might still be flavorful!

4/20/12 10:07 P

Hi, I don't have a conventional oven at home. but I love the oven baked aubergine. Can i just fry the aubergine cut into half partially and cook the rest of it in the microwave oven? Would
love to know if any one tried this.
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