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5/20/12 8:45 P

moist coffee grains heated apply to skin, cover w plastic wrap, also immediate drastic improvement from thermage treatments. collagen creams help a lil.

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5/17/12 9:25 A

Hopefully your weeding is a few yaers away so your body can have time to adjust. Weight training is the best way to go, it takes time and lots of effort but well worth it as you will end up with toned muscle and no flabby skin.

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5/16/12 5:31 P

This is where we need the girls to be in this Females can gain a big belly during pregnancy and then a few months later have it shrink back up. After my ex had my son she worked out a lot to lose the belly, as I recall she would put lotion on all the time also which was suppose to help.

I would say just lose the weight and let what ever you can shrink up, it should get there but maybe not as fast as you want it to, so if that is the case then look in to the special slimming clothing like they use on the Biggest Loser. It holds everything in under your nice clothes. Good Luck

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5/16/12 2:37 P

I'm not an expert but in my research there really isn't much you can do beyond losing slowly and drinking water. The amount of sagging skin that may occur is based on how much you lost, how quickly you lost it, age, nutrition, skin elasticity and other factors. So my best advice is stay hydrated, be sure to get enough protein to help rebuild muscle, lose no more than 1-2 pounds per week and use resistance exercise to diminish the loss of lean muscle mass.

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5/16/12 12:09 P

I am trying to lose weight for my wedding, I still have plenty of time to lose the weight I need to (I plan ahead) but I am worried that once I drop the weight I will be left with saggy skin on my wedding day. What can I do to keep that from happening? Any advice will help, I am not against using products if anyone knows any good ones. I just don't want to be worrying about flabby arms (or flabby anything for that matter) on my wedding.

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