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9/19/12 2:48 P

Hi, I can relate in a different way and had to deal with a sad event that through myself off for a week, and now trying to get back on track. Plan a different goal setting up until your wedding. Change goals and make them smaller and attainable during stressful event.

Eat more protein. More protein in your diet will help curb your hunger and help you stay focused. Drink more water. I add crystal light to my water as an added treat when I need motivation to drink more liquids. It adds only 5 calories per serving.

Also, think about how to change, alter your plans so they fit you! If you can, find alternatives, other creative ways to get things done for your wedding. Get a plan B! Everyone wants you to be happy in your new life and not stressed out by it. Talk with those invited to your wedding and get their help and ideas to make your situation work.

Lastly, contact the alterations person for your wedding dress and get some advice in now, just incase you need to alter your dress. This is pretty normal, and they should have some sort of solution.

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9/19/12 2:28 P

If possible, complete your workout first thing in the morning and then it will be done. It's a great idea to put a picture of your wedding dress on your fridge, and any where else it will help you to remember your goal. Remember: Eating over your stress provides fleeting pleasure/escape! Afterwards, your left w/ a longer period of regret. You can do this! Thoughts and prayers w/ you.

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9/19/12 10:49 A

Delegate responsibilities to your coordinator, family, friends and wedding party. Even your groom. Put pictures of your wedding gown near your work computer, home system, refrigerator etc. My sister did this and she would think about her gown and not eat whatever she was grabbing for. She would drink water and take a quick walk. By the time you eat that snack, a quick walk and glass of water will fill you up and take your mind off eating.

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9/19/12 10:21 A

First, take a deep breath. That much stress is bad.

Try to find someone you trust that you can delegate some of your projects to, so you can find time to workout, or at least get some extra sleep so you're not so exhausted(getting enough sleep will help with the weight too).

I'm sorry I can't offer any other advice or motivation, I've never really been run that ragged. Try to keep calm, and good luck.

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9/19/12 9:31 A

"It is far better to be exhausted from success than to be rested from failure"

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9/19/12 9:16 A

Someone please help me. Wedding is 11/3/12 and I am so stressed about planning that I have a hard time controlling what I eat. And I'm so tired from planning that I can't motivate myself to workout. In two weeks on SP, I have actually gained weight. I'm exhausted all the time and I can't even get my projects that I'm working on for the wedding done. I have 45 days to (at a minimum) maintain my weight. Someone please help me light a fire under my butt before my dress doesn't fit anymore!

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