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6/11/12 1:22 P

For a meatless meal I love pasta with a fried egg on top. Yummmmmmmmm.

EVIE4NOW Posts: 29,613
6/3/12 11:59 A

try marinading the chicken in italian dressing... then grill... yum

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
5/30/12 11:45 P

Thanks for all the suggestions........

I try to bulk up on sale items that I can freeze - I have a stand up freezer.
So I always have chicken, beef or pork frozen.

But when the sales are marketing towards holidays, they usually don't have the stuff I like to buy on sale.

Fruit and veggies only last a few days. I buy and stock up on frozen veggies when it is $1.00 per bag. I always have potatos and onions on hand.

Sometimes if the sale is good, I go back for more fruit. One week they had buy one get one free baskets of strawberries AND blueberries.My kids eat them like candy. Which is a good thing, but can get expensive.

I planted a little garden last weekend. Tomato's and cucumbers. All I need is lettuce and some feta cheese.........yummy ! Won;t be ready until late July !!

RICCILYNN Posts: 2,454
5/30/12 4:00 P

I was going to suggest just about what you did come up with :) The jarred alfredo sauce isn't too bad on pasta and chicken... and adding garlic always makes things taste good!

SOCPAGE Posts: 268
5/30/12 10:14 A

wow, kind of like the "Chopped" tv show. ok here goes:
divide the alfredo sauce into two dishes.
1- steam the spinach, drain, divide in half. chop half and mix with one dish of alfredo sauce. toss with the pasta.
2- pound the chicken into thin cutlets. If you can, save some chicken. mix some hot sauce into mayo and dip the chicken in that, then dredge in bread crumbs. bake. prepare brown rice and serve with chicken cutlets.
3- cube the potatoes and lightly saute. put in baking dish. saute any chicken you have cut into same size cubes. toss in the spinach from number 1. scramble some eggs with milk and fill to just cover solids. sprinkle bread crumbs. bake.
4- saute onions. add leftover alfredo sauce. toss with pasta or serve over pilaf. put fried egg on top.
all are variations on what we have eaten when we are in clean out the refrigerator mode.

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
5/30/12 9:57 A

Sounds good! I was interpreting that you only had a pound of chicken to last the week! I'm glad you have more than that!

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
5/29/12 7:07 P

Thanks but I already cooked dinner, this is what I made.

I cooked a box of pasta
Then I cut up the chicken into bite size pieces, saute'd it in some olive oil with lots of crushed garlic

Cooked the bag of frozen spinach

When the pasta was done, I added in the chicken and garlic, the cooked spinach and the jar of alfredo sauce.

It was pretty good !!

For tomorrow , I have more frozen chicken . I might put in the crockpot tomorrow with some BBQ sauce.
One night we can have potato and onion omelets.

I always buy what is on sale and it usually lasts the week. This week our local supermarket had all Memorial Day stuff on sale, Hot dogs , burgers, potato chips, soda, ice cream etc etc No fruit on sale, no veggies on sale. They marketed their sales to the holiday and cookouts I guess.

The banana's and grapes I bought last week are long gone.

Hurry up Friday !!!

Thanks again.

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DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
5/29/12 7:06 P

I would probably cut the chicken into bite size pieces & then either make a plain soup (or whatever other herbs or pepper you happen to have) or poach them and save the poach water.

If you do the soup, save out a cup or so to boil the brown rice in later. You can add some brown rice or the pasta to the soup and depending on how much water you add it could last a couple nights.

Another meal I'd probably have would be scrambled eggs with the rice pilaf or brown rice, with some of the frozen spinach.

I'd pair up the alfredo sauce with the rest of the frozen spinach and some of the pasta or some of the rice.

That might barely get you to Friday....good luck!

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
5/29/12 3:57 P

Money is tight this week. Can only eat what we have in the pantry and freezer. No $ to buy any extra's. Won't have any $ until Friday. My kids are NOT picky, they will eat anything. Thank goodness for that !!!

I have taken out of the freezer a pound of boneless skinless chicken.
Not sure what to do with it.

I have brown rice, potatoes, frozen spinach, pasta (no pasta sauce)
and onions. Franks Red Hot sauce, bbq sauce, alfredo sauce.
Eggs,milk,orange juice, apple juice, breadcrumbs, mayo and a box of rice pilaf.No fresh greens either.

Any ideas ?????

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