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STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
11/17/12 3:30 P

I have the same problem. I've found that if I miss a day of tracking, then it's easier for me to get out of control for a lot longer, then before I know it, I've gained 10 pounds, and then really feel defeated and don't want to do anything.
My recent goal (Today is only day 14 for this particular streak) is to track 100% honestly every single day. I've managed to do it for the last 13 days, and while I have eaten over my limit about 4 of these last 13 days, the fact that I still exercise and the fact that I track everything has led me to stop binge eating on numerous occasions. I don't want to see the calorie count go up, so it really makes me think about it first. If I just don't track, then I'm going to feel miserable, and then the familiar cycle would begin again.

STRANGER70127 Posts: 408
11/17/12 11:39 A

It's not about reaching a goal as much as it is about creating a new lifestyle. If you learn to make healthy choices every day as your lifestyle, than it'll fall into place a lot easier. You sound like you are putting a lot of pressure on yourself to meet a goal. That's a heavy burden. Slow and steady wins the race. emoticon

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11/4/12 10:59 A

Everyone is giving me much to think about - and put into action. For me I think I need to be a daily logger/tracker. It is my accountability. I am not going to have that snicker bar because I know I will have to log it.....I have always been extreme - if I am going to do it - it is full force but then I do pay for it like now by being hard on myself.
I am getting the negative influences under control. I have daily contact with very negative people - if I comment I slipped on my"diet" - "oh I knew you would, you couldnt keep that up- and thats to my face."! "Everyone" seems to know what I am going to do and normally it makes me mad and I have an oh YEAH attitude and want to "prove 'em wrong". I have been going through a very stressful time which is difficult for me anyway as food (carbs and sweets) are my feel goods......I held on, only minor booboos but the stress kept up, I stopped logging and it was what that....
I am not too nervous for the upcoming holidays - I probably cook the healthiest during this time except maybe Christmas cookies will be a tough one but fortunately I bake to take (food kitchen, to friends etc. Ice cream season is past - I do applaud myself because I looooooove icecream and if we had icecream in the house, it was the small individual servings.
We do have seafood at New Years - I have a seafood pie but Spark would kick me out if they saw the recipe.....fortunately it is so rich I can only eat a little of it.....
I am tracking today - it does make me nervous because I dont have that fire. I do know if I want to be in better shape and health for next June the longer I wait, the longer off my end goal.
thank you to everyone for posting and helping me.

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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
11/4/12 6:22 A

little changes last longer than trying to do everything at once.

Take it easy and slow - what you can manage to commit to for the long term. Add more as you get a handle on those ones

Best wishes

N16351D Posts: 2,349
11/4/12 5:17 A

If tracking food daily takes too much time for you (as it does for me), take advantage of SP "quick tracker" to remind yourself to have 7-9 servings of fruit and vegetables daily while drinking 8 - 12 glasses of water each day.

Everyone has setbacks. It is not the end of the world, or your healthy lifestyle. Remember, you are not on a diet, you are making changes for healthy living. Read threads in these posts about motivation and you will find lots of quotes to help change your thinking.

Changes begin in the head and how we think. Then the rest, with conscientious effort, will fall into place with small, daily changes.

Choose a few changes to make in diet and exercise that you are 1) willing to do and 2) will stay with 7 days a week for the rest of your life. Examples abound in these SP message boards. One of them might be walk for only 10 minutes a day. Another might be change ice cream out for Soy Delicious + fruit desert (less fat and sugar than ice cream). Another might be to allow yourself only two servings of sweet treats per week. Or you might choose instead to measure portion sizes on cereal, pancakes, the main dish at dinner (2 oz of meat), or something else. You might buy low-fat salad dressing instead of a rich one.

Getting upset with yourself for falling off the wagon is negative, and doesn't help you get to your goals. Instead, make a small change today, tomorrow, the next day, and praise yourself for those small victories. Bit by bit, anything is a cinch!

You didn't get into unhealthy habits overnight, and you won't overcome them overnight either. Be gentle and kind with yourself, while choosing which changes you are willing to make.

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11/4/12 1:26 A

Hi Cate,

Give yourself some time. Most of us have lived a lifetime of making poor choices so it's going to take some time to replace the not-so-healthy habits with healthy ones. Even if you track a couple of times a week, this will give you an idea of some of the changes you may need to tweak...tracking is a feedback tool. It allows you to see the changes you need to make. Keep pushing on and know that you can do this, just allow time and knowledge to help you move forward.

Coach Nancy

CATECATE7 SparkPoints: (1,508)
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11/4/12 1:13 A

I have slipped out of inspiration and into a defeatist mentality. My spark my inspiration was to lose 110 pounds by June. My son is getting married and while I was doing this for me, I just used that date for inspiration. I dont feel all is lost or face it, I wouldnt be back here asking for help. On the other hand, I do feel defeated and ....just very frustrated. I missed a day tracking, then a second but wasnt doing bad with what I was eating. However, I found the more time that passed since I was logging and tracking what I ate I started slipping there too. I am not as bad as I was before Spark but I am way off what I should be. Ive now lost a couple of months and I fear my goal is going going gone.

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