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MYZENIN10 Posts: 162
3/31/12 8:31 P

Don't panic! Like every one says, fill up on veggies. Take healthy snacks with you if you think you might give in, or the options aren't as healthy as you expected. Drink tons of water all day, and right before dinner that way you are feeling full before you take your first bite.

If you eat steak, eat a small oz portion, eat slowly, don't eat any breads, and the rest veggies or fruits. If there's a dessert, maybe take 1 bite or 2 and put the rest down.

Don't feel guilted into eating everything put in front of you. My grandparents were that way, they kept telling me I needed to eat more, and plop stuff on my plate lol!

I just had a big steak and seafood dinner with the husband last weekend, and it did not derail my calorie plan. You can do this too, have confidence in yourself=because we know you can do it!

ANARIE Posts: 13,200
3/31/12 4:11 P

I think the handiest tip is to pay attention to the order in which you fill your plate. If the meal is served buffet-style, dish up the veggies first, especially if there's a green salad. If you fill your plate with that, nobody will question you for taking small servings of meat and other dishes, because it's obvious-- you don't have room on your plate!

And remember, what you eat is entirely under your control. We tend to use other people as an excuse, but the truth is, nobody is going to notice or care what you're eating as long as you eat something. They want to see you and talk to you, and they want to make sure they've *offered* you plenty so they feel like good hosts, but they don't care if you don't accept everything that's offered.

If you're afraid they won't serve anything healthy, you can always offer to supply a dish, too. Say, "My family always has a big green salad/a huge relish tray with all colors of veggies/ whatever. Would it be all right if I brought one to share my family's tradition with you?" Then you have a dish you can eat and it'll make sense to people if you have a huge serving of it.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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3/31/12 11:02 A

First, remember that food is not bad. There are no good foods, and no bad foods. There are foods that are better for you than others, and some with no nutritional value, but that doesn't make them "good" or "bad". You can overeat on "good" foods, and you can lose weight on "bad" foods.

The trick is portions. Eat slowly, enjoy the food, and don't eat so much of it! Stop when you're full... Remember to fill up on the healthier stuff provided first, and eat smaller portions of the less so.

Red meat isn't bad or evil. I eat quite a bit of it, and love it. :) I just have to eat less than I used to. Now, instead of eating 12 ounces, I eat 5, and stop. If salad's provided, eat lots of that first, then go for the steak after the edge has been taken off.

Carbs aren't evil, either... they're necessary fuel for your body. That doesn't mean you need to eat fifteen dinner rolls, but there's no reason not to have one if you really want it.

Moderation and planning are key!

Just remember. To gain 10 lbs this weekend, you'd have to eat over 35,000 calories! I doubt that you'd be able to pull that off, even if you ate all the food and no one else ate any. ;)

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KCLARK89 SparkPoints: (44,612)
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3/31/12 10:17 A

Fill most of your plate with veggies first and then take a small portion of the steak. You can definitely do this! Try to savor what you're eating as much as you can so you're not stuck being done eating while everyone else is chowing down, that way you can avoid the debate of whether or not you should have seconds.

MISSNUSS Posts: 120
3/31/12 1:41 A

Wow, I didnt expect this many replies so quickly. Well, its true I could just have a little bit of everything and just say I am saving room or a light eater. In response to a question, no I am not a vegetarian, though I am often mistaken as one (my room mate did ask before hand). Thank you for the article on serving sizes. And please, if anyone has more to add, it is appreciated. Thank you all again. emoticon

3/31/12 12:06 A

There's no reason to deprive yourself! Enjoy everything in small portions. This article has some really useful tricks to estimate portion size when you can't measure things out:
As long as you're smart about what you indulge in, you'll be just fine. :)

ELENGIL Posts: 957
3/30/12 11:21 P

Don't avoid. Go ahead and eat a little bit of everything, and if she asks why you aren't having more you can say you just want to try it all and have room enough. Have some steak, it doesn't have to be a 12 oz portion. Have the veggies, try small bites of whatever is there. If nothing else this will be a totally new experience to savor, and you can't possibly eat so much that you'll put on 10 pounds. You'd have to consume 35,000 *extra* calories above what you already burn just being alive and the light activity you'll be doing, no doubt.

Let yourself have a weekend of enjoyment. Moderate, but don't deny yourself.

SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
3/30/12 8:16 P

There is no need to avoid the steak entirely. Eat a moderate portion, avoid the fat.

3/30/12 7:43 P

If it's the meat that you are worried about, can you explain that you are a vegetarian? That would require no explanation.

MISSNUSS Posts: 120
3/30/12 7:40 P

Well, nothing bad has happened yet. My room mate is bringing me home for Easter. Supposedly her family want to cook steak, were having two big family meals (she is from a big mixed family). I don't want to gain ten pounds in a weekend! How do I avoid all of this? I understand sticking to the basics will help (filling your plate full of veggies, skip dinner rolls, avoid cream sauces), but how do I avoid other things such as the steak dinner and such without being rude?

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