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4/19/12 9:26 A

I did weight watchers forever it seems. I went to the meetings and I liked it a little more then just doing it on my own. But I find that I like to see how much many calories, fat, etc. is worth. With weight watchers I don't really have that. Just points which I think it will work with some ppl just not me. emoticon

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3/25/12 9:23 A

I did weight watchers, quit but still use the calculator and points (the meetings are useless, nothing you can't do on sparkpeople)

While you can't really use points - they are not a direct conversion from calories - what you can do is pick a somewhat smaller calorie range to stick to and then don't track your fruits and veggies. That's the big deal and why I like WW - fruits and veggies are free, so you're never really hungry. So maybe track 1100 - 1500 calories but not your fruit and veggies (with the exception of potatoes, peas and corn - I think those are the main veggies that are not free) Go crazy with vegetables and up to three servings of fruit a day!

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3/22/12 1:40 P

Weight Watchers is essentially counting calories and nothing else. You have a certain number of points each day which is equivalent to a calorie count and you eat within that every day. It allows you to eat essentially whatever you want as long as you're counting it.

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3/20/12 9:02 P

I need someone to help me figure out how to do this weight watchers style without joining weight watchers!!!!

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