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5/6/12 9:08 P

I think most of us here have fallen under the same excuse of fallen behind on taking care of ourselves while raising our children. So you won't be alone. Whether or not you have figured it out and plan to take care of yourself while raising kids or after you are done is of no difference. It's all good. So welcome to the mad house and we will all work together to try to take care of ourselves and our families. Keep the faith.

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Hello, i'm new to the group too, unfortunately not new to trying to lose some weight, but am going to give this a good go, since i have a family i do sometimes find staying on track hard so hopeing this group is going to be helpfull and fun and relevant to my lifestyle

5/6/12 4:22 A

Hello, I would like to introduce myself to your group. I have been on spark for years but after having my son last August, I have been MIA. Time to get back to it. I have weight to lose but also fun to be had with my five year old daughter and now 8 month old son. I run a community preschool which has had some major transformations happening since my son was born. Between the school and my little ones, I have found plenty of excuses to ignore myself. Last night my daughter asked me why my stomach fat is not gone from having the baby. It was a wake up call! I asked her to be my personal trainer:) I am ready to take on the challenge of weight loss but I would like to do it in a community that is also focused on family. Your group seems like a good fit! I look forward to supporting you all!

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