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7/7/12 8:16 A

Welcome to SparkPeople!

One of my daily goals is to hit 100 SparkPoints. When I do that, I've not only read articles, I've interacted with other members by reading and commenting on their blogs and writing my own blog. 100 points gets me here and gets me active each and every day.

When I started, I made the commitment to workout daily and write a blog about it. On days when I don't feel like doing it, I think about the blog I need to write and I certainly do NOT want to write that I was lazy and did not work out.

Maintain your goals on your SparkPage (that's what all the goal-setting gurus write about) and make the goals public on your page. Write about it on your blog every day.

Weight loss = calorie maintenance, cardio, and strength. Calorie maintenance is every day, cardio is at least five days per week, and strength is 3 to 4 days per week. I believe you need all three for a successful weight loss and fitness program.

Above all, be consistent. Doing something toward you goal every day will pay big rewards over the next few months. You can do this!

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7/6/12 9:46 P

Welcome to SparkPeople! You'll find lots of support, information and inspiration here. All the best on achieving your goals!

LOSE4LIFE47 Posts: 69,265
7/6/12 7:58 A

Welcome to SP!

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7/6/12 7:49 A

Welcome to SparkPeople.

I have been a member here off and on for a few years, and now have the time and determination to finally stick with the program.

Utilize all the wonderful things here on SP. The food and exercise tracker are key. Join a group, and post, post, post to the message boards. Other members here have great advice if you have any questions.

Hope you are successful on your journey!

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7/6/12 5:31 A

Welcome to SP--you're off to a great start here. Keep posting and tracking daily. Set up your own Spark page so we can get to know you. And remember, we're all in this together. We help one another to get to the goal of a healthy weight and lifestyle.emoticon

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7/6/12 1:51 A

I joined this site a while ago and now I'm finally taking the time to say hello and seek out some advice/help if that is possible. Last August, almost a year ago I moved from my home country of USA to the country Greenland.

I walk 3-6 miles at least four times a week. Sometimes more. I am obese and I also suffer from fibromyalgia, asthma (which has improved since being here) as well as some kind of nerve damage that is causing left sided pain all the way down to my feet. I am in a constant state of pain but I refuse to let it whip me and not let me get out and walk. So I am here to ask some questions and get some advice that might help me.

I am currently being seeing by a doctor here but so far the most that has happened is pain meds. Friday I will be having a hip/back xray and more discussion with the doctor but I am not holding my breath that I will gain any good help here. This issue with the pain has been going on way longer than I care to even think about.

Anyway here is some of what is bothering me right now. I am walking a lot more now since moving here than I did in USA. I barely have lost any weight. I don't eat but once a day sometimes twice and It's not a lot most of the time. There is times when I don't eat at all.

So why the heck aren't I losing weight? I'm fifty years old, is my metabolism so dead that my constant walking doesn't even help? Jogging or running is out so what else is there? I could walk further I guess but thing is, I can only take so much and then the pain gets bad again with my feet. I am just beside myself on this because I am getting a lot of time in with walking so why the heck isn't it doing anything. I can see some physical changes due to the walking, like the calves of my legs are now rock hard from all the walking but outside of that I feel just as fat as I did the day I got here.

I'm frustrated and thing is, there isn't junk food restaurants here. In fact they only have two and neither of them do I visit. I drink krystal light raspberry tea that has 0 sugar/caffiene in it and I drink water.. that is my main thing. I don't smoke either. I rarely drink anything relating to alcohol as well.

Maybe I just need some moral support I just don't know.

Thanks for listening to all my whatever one might call this.

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