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ANARIE Posts: 13,205
6/13/12 7:52 P

The headache is almost certainly because of the caffeine, not the sugar. As soon as i saw the title of your thread I was going to ask, "Well, what do you normally put sugar IN?" and sure enough, you've quit your coffee.

Either go back to the coffee, or replace it with unsweetened tea, or hang in there a few more days.

6/13/12 5:38 P

This is the real one....not the one from the internet.
I guess not many people know about it.

6/13/12 5:30 P

Realize that this diet does not come from the reputable Mayo Clinic organization.
It is just another "diet" found on the internet.
Yes, one can get headaches when cutting out sugar and caffeine---especially when one is used to a high consumption amounts.

You have 2 choices: go cold turkey and deal with the pain and cravings for about 4-7 days; or do a more gradual, weaning.

SP Dietitian Becky

6/13/12 4:28 P

I am using the Mayo Clinic Diet and they tell you to go no sugar for two weeks.
This includes sugar, natural sweeteners, and artificial sweeteners....and alcohol. I can have all the fruit and veggies I like.

I am on my third day. I know that I did myself in the first day because of a glass of oj in the morning. I wasn't a big oj drinker anyway, but I've decided oj is now only for flavor, etc. Yesterday wasn't bad until late afternoon when I had a banana. I took this with me because I was out and I thought it would be easy to transport. But not long after I ate it, I had one whopper of a headache. It lasted all through the night and into the morning. It was not as bad this morning. It has come and gone today.

Also, I am drinking close to a gallon of water as well.

I have a friend that my husband was talking to and he suggested having a cup of boullion before bed. He had gone low carb and said something about you losing salts and needing to replace those.

I'm wondering if it is due to my choices being a bit too high on the GI.

I have been drinking less caffeine as well. I had coffee on day one, but I prefer a bit of sugar due to the tanic acids so I didn't have any yesterday or today. I did make some tea today and dh got me an unsweetened one while he was out.

Do any of you have any suggestions on coping with the headaches?

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