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4/26/12 1:47 P

Have you tried planning in an evening snack (something healthy) as part of your daily meal plan? I always have something to eat in the evening, and it works for me. Just try to pick something healthy and control the portion.

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4/26/12 1:26 P

I know it can be challenging just to say the least. We all fall short sometimes. I feel the key is not to remain in the same state of mind. You have to change in order to grow. It may not work out how we like! Just think about! It all starts with a thought! emoticon

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4/26/12 1:09 P

Oh yes I agree! Mantras are important. "write it before you bite it" is what I've been telling myself this week to stay on track with tracking!

MANDYJ73 Posts: 310
4/26/12 9:46 A

Find a mantra... when I struggle to find the motivation I say two phrases to myself... It's for me.... fight for it. These two small phrases are enough to get me through anything!

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4/26/12 9:44 A

I have to re-motivate myself every single day! I start the day by tracking what I will eat for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. It puts me in the mood. I also find it motivating to see that I successfully tracked the day before. I celebrate my small successes and forgive myself for my slip ups. The faster I can forgive myself and move on, the faster I am back on track to meeting my goals. I also know I need accountability, so I am in a local weight loss challange, where someone else weighs me. That right there is motivation!! Good luck, you will find what works to motivate you! Just remember to take a day at a time!

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4/25/12 9:24 P

I've been having a similar problem, except that I am home all the time, so I'm not really getting much of any quality time in my days...

Today I asked myself "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?"

The answer to that question for me was that I was waiting until I felt better to really motivate myself to exercise and eat right.... I'm enough of a realist to recognize that it doesn't work that way and that I have to do the eating right and the exercise before I get to feel good again...

not sure if this will help anyone... but I hope so...

~ be good to yourselves

~ Barbara

PS: I'm part of a Daily Accountability Group some of you may be interested in...

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
4/25/12 8:05 P

As little changes caused the problem (at least in my case); little changes can improve the situation.

1. Mindset. Try not to think and say "diet", but say something more like "lifestyle", "healthy choices", and things that give a more positive spin on things.

2. Options. Fill your cupboards and fridge with things that will provide you with successful, healthy choices, and eliminate, if at all possible, those things that are your downfall.

3. Support from friends, family, and here are helpful, and necessary. Being a "lone ranger" doesn't always work, as you have nobody to hold you accountable, or provide encouragement.

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4/25/12 5:16 P

Thank you all!!! The suggestions are awesome, getting some gum tonight on the way home from work and I will be weighing each day.

Thank you!!!!!

LYNSEY723 Posts: 3,114
4/25/12 1:53 P

This is the exact reason I weigh myself every morning as soon as I wake up. If I am sitting on the couch and those snacks are screaming at me from the kitchen, I remember that I am going to be weighing-in in the morning and I know how seeing that number goes up makes me feel. I do make sure not to deprive myself... I will indulge in 100-200 calories of chocolate or candies after dinner if I am REALLY wanting it, but I limit it to that.

Good luck and hopefully you will find something to motivate you to stay on track!

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
4/25/12 1:21 P

I agree with ICARTER2. Do everything you can to keep your goals in mind when you are at home. I have my current weight posted on my fridge and the cabinet where the food I'm likely to binge on is kept. You could also put an inspirational quote there or an inspiring image!

Track all your food, including your binge food. Tracking your binge food makes it more real. When I track my binge food, I have to acknowledge that I just ate 1,000 calories of food I didn't need, on top of the 1500 calories of perfectly balanced, highly nutritious food that I ate earlier in the day.

It might be really hard, but you might also try exploring what exactly is triggering your binges at home. This can be exhausting to do, and you're probably better off getting some sleep in the immediate moment, but if you can figure out what you are responding to emotionally, it will help you come up with better strategies for preventing the eating, by addressing the need that you actually have. Say you are lonely - call or text someone. If you are stressed - take a relaxing bath or shower, or alternatively do a workout.

You can do it!

STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
4/25/12 1:01 P

I too struggle the most when I'm at home. Thankfully I've had more days recently of staying within than going over calories. I honestly think it's because home is where we're most comfortable. In public, we have an audience, and most of us want to remain accountable for that audience-especially if they know that we're going through a life style change.

I'm with ICARTER2 on the distractions thing. It's the best way to overcome it until mindless eating is no longer a habit, or at least a less pressing one.

I had lost about 94 pounds doing these 'distractions' things, but last fall after the death of my grandfather and the stress of taking 17 credits at the time, I gained about 25 pounds by the end of last year. Thankfully I'm on the road to fixing it, but it's definitely not easy when those old habits refuse to die.

ICARTER2 Posts: 11
4/25/12 12:50 P

I often have the same problem. I realized that even when I am home, I have to keep myself distracted or I end up wanting to ruin all of the progress that I made throughout the day. The feeling starts as soon as I get in the car to head home after a long day of being healthy. When I'm home and feel the desire to binge or in any way stray from my goals, I immediately look around on sparkpeople or log into pinterest for motivational pictures. These things can keep my mind busy and when I'm looking at inspiring pictures, I tend to remember why I'm on this journey in the first place. I also bought several large packs of different flavored gum for when I do this--keeps my mouth busy and full of different tastes. If this doesn't work, then I make keep making different flavors of hot tea and paint my nails, go for a short walk, or catch up on housework.

I lost about 60 pounds doing these type of things. Then I fell of the wagon a bit. I fell in the habit of being on track all day and then heading home and completely negating all of the hard work that I put in. This was a vicious cycle that quickly led to a 25 pound weight gain. I'm working to change that though and just have to remember that every day is a battle. True, you have to focus on long term goals, but keep reminding yourself that you need to make it through today in order to get to your goal tomorrow, next month, or next year. If you just keep making progress one day at a time, there is no way that you won't be successful. It's a guarantee!

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4/25/12 12:09 P

Having a hard time, I am good all day at work and when I am with friends. But at home alone at night, I give in and tell myself I will start over tomorrow. The problem is tomorrow never comes!!! It is easy to say you are dieting, but to keep to it is another story. Help, any suggestions?

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