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4/1/12 4:42 P

Years ago, when I was still eating meat I went to a Churrascaria (Brazilian BBQ).

If you are an adventurous carnivore, I would highly recommend going. People walk around with great skewers of exotic meats, which allows you to have a taste of everything. It's quite an experience!

The most popular items (outside of skirt steak) were alligator and duck, but they had wild boar, quail, rabbit, and several different cuts of red meat. It's all fire roasted, but the game meats tend to be higher in fat.

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4/1/12 4:32 P

I remember I tried donkey, horse and camel meats. :)

QUADRAL Posts: 253
4/1/12 4:09 P

I've often eaten kangaroo while I lived in AUS. Delicious!! It tastes like beef, but a bit sweeter and slightly gamey. I really like it! I usually got the meat from friends who hunted themselves.

Every once in a while I eat chevon (kid goat), deer and wild boar. Also all very yummy! I mostly get those meats from people who hunt (or raise) the animals themselves.
I eat duck, goose and rabbit too, but I don't consider them to be "other" meats.

I think I'd like to try snake. :)

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3/19/12 10:01 P

I've had alligator, bison, venison, duck, ostrich and shark. It's nice to try new things, but there's nothing quite as satisfying--for me at least--as a juicy (cow) steak.

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3/19/12 6:19 P

What about "balut". Who tried it?

FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
3/18/12 6:28 P

I am a meat eater and loved it all. Some of what I have eaten. The Kangaroo was absolutely delicious if prepared right.


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3/18/12 12:11 P

I've only tried venison, and I do not like the "gamey" taste of it. I come from a family of hunters, and that meat is really healthy for you. But I think you have to develop a taste for it.

I've had a bison burger.... but I do not like any type of red meat. It taste just like beef, but not as greasy as ground hamburger.

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MCDOWN75 Posts: 439
3/18/12 4:41 A

We are avid hunters and conservationists, so what we kill we eat. Venison (deer) is a fabulously lean meat, and if you learn how to prepare it is a great addition to the menu. The trick is soaking the meat in salt water overnight, and/or cooking it in beef broth (especially the burger since you can't soak it). Rabbit, squirrel, and coon can all be treated just like chicken. I find coon to be greasy but great in stews. Don't be put off just because it isn't one of the big three. There are alot of great natural alternatives out there. Think of it as the ultimate organic meat!

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3/18/12 4:18 A

The only strange thing I've had was snails: they were rubbery but the melted garlic butter they were served in was yummy!

3/18/12 2:16 A

I've tried a few "other" meats

squirrel (was served up in a tasty stew)
farm raised bison .... nothing remarkable there
smoked elk heart ... great texture/flavor but mabye that was the result of preparation
rabbit (so yummy)
goose & duck .... greasy but flavorful and nice texture
deer (wishing my husband was a hunter)
frog legs ... they did NOT resemble chicken in my view (or should I say taste buds)

I like trying different things .... meats /fishes /new fruits or veggies. Makes life more interesting.

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3/16/12 11:00 P

antelope, venison, elk, bison, wild boar, rabbit and snails and slugs, but not on purpose for the last two.

SUZZQ4LIFE Posts: 1,232
3/16/12 8:52 P

No, I stick with chicken, fish, beef, & pork.

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3/16/12 8:47 P


And probably some more, but I just can't remember them all :)

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3/16/12 8:14 P

Actually Greek people cook snails very good. I didn't like escargots but didn't like'em. Stewed - Greek way is the best.

COSMOJINX Posts: 178
3/16/12 6:10 P

I have tried alligator, snails and goose liver. Gator and goose good, snails not so good.

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3/16/12 12:46 P

Gator=pretty darned good
rabbit=very sweet, very delicious
squirrel=same as rabbit only not as sweet.
dove/quail=my favorites.
deer=I can live without it.
buffalo=OMG-fantastic stuff!
wild turkey (Not the alcohol lol!) very good, though a bit tough
duck/goose=kinda greasy but the texture of both birds is like silky butter. Another of my favorites.

My husband isn't much on hunting, but he sure loves to fish. So I eat a goodish amount of catfish and whatever else he catches. We also process our own chickens. If you have a chance to eat real chicken without all the hormones and food dyes, you will be amazed. I can't stomach store bought anymore. Same with the eggs-so much more flavorful and so much more colorful!

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3NORNS Posts: 351
3/16/12 12:33 P


shark - it was good. if fish tasted like shark, i'd eat more.
bear - totally gross
beaver - even more gross
moose - beef *wishes* it tasted like moose
deer - not a fan
iguana - chewy but tasty
reindeer - delicious
snails - tasted like garlic butter and not a lot else
oysters - never again: like swallowing a giant snotball

TONYVAND1 Posts: 7,496
3/16/12 12:31 P

I had gunie pig when I lived in Ecuador

KELEKONA Posts: 605
3/16/12 12:21 P

I've had shark, ruined because it was deep-fried and tasted like any other fish. Farmed bison is good. I can't remember if I've had ostrich, or if it was just goose legmeat. From my perspective, deer is a normal but rare treat.

I'm not only interested it eating "pest" species, but the waste parts of what I'm eating already. I'm not sure what was in my soup that one time, possibly stomach or lung... I ate around it but probably would have been less squeamish if it were cut finer or if the soup hadn't been 4 servings worth. The odder parts of the pig are more expensive than the shoulders in my area, so I content myself with the occasional cow or chicken liver.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
3/16/12 12:10 P

turtle - soup is delicious

Except for the turtle, and ostrich, I don't consider these to be out of the ordinary, but not everyday foods I guess. Ostrich, and buffalo burgers are much healthier than beef. Froglegs were a bit greasy, not sure if that was the preparation. Rabbit, squirrel, and venison are just foods from hunting.

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-POOKIE- Posts: 22,528
3/16/12 11:21 A

I'd try anything I think, barring things like cat/dog.

I enjoyed trying frogs legs, pretty tasty!

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3/16/12 11:18 A

I like snake soup but it is now banned in Canada I believe.

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3/16/12 10:35 A

My in-laws hunt, so I've started eating a lot more game meat since meeting my husband. I'm impressed - it's very lean and full of flavour (I especially like the elk). After reading a little more about industrial farming, I have no issues with the deer or elk they kill (especially since they also face overpopulation in their area), and I've seen the amount of care they put into the process and how much use they get out of a single animal.

Besides, homemade deer jerky is amazing.

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3/16/12 10:22 A

Cobra - tasted like bacon
Camel - ham
Kangaroo - beef
Crocodile - shrimp (not much taste at all)
Emu - pork
Guinea pig - chicken
Frog - fishy chicken
Various insects - nothing, just crunchy
Ostrich - beef (not that unusual since a lot of supermarkets carry this now)
Alpaca - beef

I love meat in general so I loved everything... except I didn't think the preparation of the Emu was very good, probably tastes great if cooked well.

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3/16/12 9:58 A

I could live off venison if I could get it year-round. We have a major overpopulation problem with white-tail deer, so my neighbor and boyfriend come home from hunting trips with more meat than they know what to do with, so I get the excess. Low in fat, high in flavor! I'm also looking around for sustainable buffalo and moose, but getting buffalo in Ohio is a bit harder than venison and moose.

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3/16/12 7:55 A

As an alternative meat, I remember eating snails a few times. They weren't that bad, nor that good.

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
3/16/12 4:47 A

I've had alligator. Twas yummy! Also had kangaroo, if memory serves me right... It was a nibbles party onboard an Australian Navel ship, so they served up lots of weird and wonderful things!

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3/16/12 1:46 A

No, I'm not much of a meat eater. Fish, and lean white turkey or chicken... maybe

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3/16/12 1:30 A

I have eaten...
rattle snake

NAYPOOIE Posts: 12,094
3/16/12 1:10 A

You know, eating a porcupine does not wipe the species out.

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3/16/12 12:47 A

Nope because we have enough available now without wiping other speices out.

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3/15/12 11:49 P

I have tried turtle and porcupine meat. Taste like chicken of course. Have you ever tried some weird stuff? Did you find it disgusting or loved it?

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