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3/1/12 11:19 P

Alot of stuff is available in the states and canada- however I ask myself when living in denmark why all these products are actually deemed illegal and not available. And why if I do try to import stuff I have customs police standing on my front door. lol..

I shy away from products claiming huge claims..

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3/1/12 9:51 P

I've never heard of it, but a quick google search tells me it's a hoodia supplement.

I would stay far, far away from hoodia. In addition to the fact that there is *zero* credible scientific evidence that it actually works, there is a lot of fake stuf on the market, and there's no guarantee that it's even in there. Sparkpeople has a brief article about hoodia:

You should teach yourself to control your own cravings; any supplement or pill you take to try and get quick results won't result in long-lasting effects because you aren't treating the real cause of the problem: Your own bad habits.

If you start controlling your portions and eating a reasonable amount of food through calorie counting, you'll find that you'll start wanting to eat less, and you'll start naturally controlling your own appetite by making better food choices and not gorging yourself... and you'll end up with results that can last a lifetime.

Change your lifestyle. Get-thin-quick stuff just covers up the problem. it doesn't solve it.

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3/1/12 6:53 P

Any horro/good stories about it ?

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