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4/26/11 4:26 P

I just had an egg on my salad! I also don't like the taste, so I chop it up fine and mix it in the salad; don't taste it that way.

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4/26/11 2:24 P

I agree ive never really liked hard boiled eggs, but these are some good options...ill have to try them!

SCROSS6 Posts: 803
4/26/11 10:13 A

Love hard boiled eggs! YUM

4/24/11 8:42 P

Eggs are a great source of protein...

Eat after a hard workout
Egg Salad
Deviled Eggs
Put them in a salad

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4/24/11 7:29 P

I hate them, too - they're disgusting.

But I eat them often. I make a sandwich spread by blending them with seasonings (lots of them - usually italian seasoning is my direction) to make a paste and then I finely dice onion, tomato and bok choy and mix it in.

GAMECOX Posts: 174
4/21/11 9:48 A

Egg Salad, or chopped up and put in a garden/chef salad.

Slice and put on Turkey burgers! (Red Robin chain does a fried egg burger - do mine at home with turkey and egg white)

Finely chop and put into a pasta and tomato sauce dish.

4/20/11 10:06 P

You can use a few of them up by adding them to potato salad. I have found that if I have a surplus, my co-workers always appreciate when I bring in a batch of deviled eggs.

ELLEN0407 Posts: 2,037
4/19/11 9:18 P

egg salad

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4/19/11 8:55 P

I love them...sooo you could send them to me?

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4/19/11 12:47 P

serve them to others as deviled eggs, put on top of salads

SMARTYPANTS24 Posts: 268
4/18/11 10:50 P

You can always dye blown eggs....use a heavy needle or similar tool to poke holes in each end of the egg...has to be sharp to stop the whole egg from cracking. The hole should be about the width of a small straw, like those that come with a juice box.

Then, blow the raw egg out through the hole. Scramble, or keep it for baking etc.

The eggs will float in the dye solution, but the upside is you can actually save them and display them for years, keep them as mementos of holidays for your kids (They can get a little smelly if not totally dried before storing...but I have some I've kept wrapped in paper towels for about 15 years now, still beautiful :)

4/18/11 8:28 P

Do your children eat them? If so let them eat up. If not, give them away.

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4/18/11 5:12 P

I assume you don't like egg salad either? Because that's a good way to 'disguise' hard boiled eggs and you don't have to make it with a ton of fatty mayonnaise. I bet there are some great recipes on sparkpeople. Or if you have a dog I bet your dog would love them as a treat. Good luck!

4/18/11 4:11 P

We'll be dying eggs for Easter, but I absolutely HATE hard boiled eggs. They're disgusting.

What can I do with them?

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