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WEEONE6 Posts: 249
3/21/10 3:09 A

We are doing a Halloween wedding too! So excited!

TETE26 Posts: 12
3/20/10 6:57 P

doesnt matter what day/or holiday just along as the bride and groom are happy on that day!!!

MAGPIE17 Posts: 3,284
3/17/10 12:35 P

A coworker of mine got married last hallowe'en. She originally wanted to theme it, and have her colours as orange and purple, but then she found a dress she fell in love with that had red trim, and the theme was cancelled!

One idea, instead of party favours (or in addition to the trick or treat bag) - my friend got married last year (not Hallowe'en) and had a candy table with bowls of different chocolate and candy, and Chinese food take-out containers so the guests could have some....I think that would work well with a Hallowe'en themed wedding!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,569
3/11/10 10:25 P

I don't know when the show will air again, but that information is located at the Style Website under Whose Wedding is it Anyway

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,569
3/11/10 10:24 P

There is an episode of a show called 'Whose Wedding is it Anyway' and they feature a Halloween Wedding.

The bride and groom chose a venue that was allegedly haunted. It was at night, of course. All the guests wore costumes. If you have the Style Channel I can see if it will air again soon.

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3/11/10 9:44 A

I've ALWAYS wanted a Halloween wedding. Unfortunately it won't happen but here were some of my ideas.

1) 13 attendants on both sides
2) Fall leave bouquets with orange and brown roses
3) Jack o lantern centerpieces
4) "Poisonous" and "Non poisonous" apple cider for drinks
5) Candy buffet
6) Guests get a masquarade mask at the door to wear for the night

I have a whole list....SIGH. I'm getting married in Sept of 2011 instead but I still plan to use some of these ideas as it will still be a fall wedding outdoors. Only now our reception is at a casino so that is our theme now.

AMMOGIRL Posts: 86
3/11/10 9:31 A

I did attend a halloween wedding once, it was so much fun! They did Carmel apples for favors! People wore costumes, it was at night so they went with the whole Halloween party theme, Every table had a lit jack o lantern and covered with colored leaves. Oh they served Cider too...

Just a few things I remember! lol

3/11/10 8:45 A

Hey, everyone!

I'm relatively new here, referred by a friend of mine who has been using this site for a while. She's a bride-to-be, too, and her wedding is in mid-October! Mine, as if you couldn't tell by the subject line, is on Halloween. :D

I'm hoping to lose 10lbs by then, which should be pretty easy. It's maintaining that will be an issue!

Anyway, I wanted to know if anyone here has ever had or been in or attended a Halloween wedding, and if you had any ideas on how to celebrate the holiday while also keeping it tasteful. (It is, after all, a wedding, lol.) We're already thinking of letting our guests wear tasteful costumes to the reception, pumpkins and Jack 'o' Lanterns, and trick-or-treat bags for both the kids and the adults. Otherwise, we're kinda stuck!

Thanks, everyone, and best of luck reaching your goals! :)

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