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5/10/12 11:07 P

emoticon You can do it!

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5/10/12 10:57 P

You can do it!

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5/10/12 10:52 P

Hi! I started with Sparkpeople nearly a year ago. I quickly gave up as I always do. Then in November of 2011, I was diagnosed with diabetes and was also told that I had thyroid issues. This "sparked" a new motive for me. When I joined this site last June, I had set a goal to lose 100 pounds by 8/1/12. This is a very special date! My family and I will me taking a long awaited vacation to celebrate a couple of major life events. The first one is my husband's kidney transplant and the second being my college graduation. When my husband was on dialysis, vacations were kind of a hassle so we never really went anywhere. It has been about 10 yrs since we had a real vacation and my son has never had any more than a quick get away type vacation. So we will be taking off for 3 weeks heading to the beach, Nashville, and Memphis. So as you can see, reaching this goal is SO important. In January 2012, I had the opportunity to play a "Biggest Loser" type contest at work..I hopped on the band wagon and lets just say I have been tightly strapped in!!! As of today I have lost 58 pounds! I am over half way to meeting that first huge goal!! Of course I will not be done at that time.. I will still have about 80 pounds to lose after that to reach my goal weight. I want to try to do this by the end of the year. Its a stretch and maybe I will get there maybe I won't but it is really nice to FINALLY see my hard work payoff. Tonight I went to WALMART..not fashion bug plus or other expensive plus size stores but WALMART and I was so amazed to be able to buy stuff there again at a reasonable price!! SO my point to you is, set goals...little goals as well as long term will be so glad that you did and how rewarding when you reach those goals!

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