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10/17/02 2:17 P

Your cardio exercise routine sounds good. You could add some weight training if that is available to you but if not, add two more days of cardio. Food needs some work. You aren't eating enough food and not enough protein. When you eat too little, your body thinks that there is a famine so it slows down your metabolic rate trying to conserve energy. You may feel tired and sleepy. You won't be putting forth as much effort in any movement you do. Your fat storing enzymes will increase and your fat burning enzymes will decrease (enzymes make the biochemical pathways run at a speed that makes life possible). You will lose muscle volume which further decreases your metabolic rate.

Go to and use it to track your food and energy expenditure. Six days a week, make sure you have a difference of 100 to 500 calories between what you eat and what you burn. Make sure you are eating at least 20% of your calories from protein and no more than 50% from carbohydrates (fitday will calculate these percentages for you). Spread your food across three meals and two or three snacks, evenly spaced apart. Make adjustments in your food until the fitday results show you the numbers you want. On day 7, eat what you want but if you want to eat like a pig, make sure you eat like only one pig and not seven pigs. The day to day variation in the calorie deficit and the one day of eating casually but not overdoing it will keep your body guessing about what it should do; this will help you avoid much of a metabolic rate slow down, if any at all, due to weight loss. Enter your formal exercise into fitday so that you can see how exercise affects your total calorie expenditure. You may find some extra energy and desire that will lead you to increase your formal exercise and perhaps increase the calorie burn by increasing activity for various pursuits throughout the day. You can do this. Hang in there

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10/17/02 1:48 P

I'm 40 pounds overweight and desperatly want to look good in a swimsuit next summer. i want a new ME in 2003! :o) I alternate doing aerobics for 40 mins. 3X a week with the treadmill and bike. I eat Cheerios for breakast, crackers for lunch, and a healthy meal for dinner that varies. For a snack I eat a granola bar or a peice of fruit. Am I doing good? I just started like the other day. I want to lose weight by March of 03'. When is the best time to exercise? Morning, Afternoon, or Night? Also I'm looking for a buddy to support each other. Please e-mail me at
Thanks for your help and suggestions!

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