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3/26/12 11:48 A

Are you eating enough?

Upping your cardio without upping your calorie range accordingly can actually have the opposite effect of what you're intending. You need to properly fuel your body. 1200 is very low, especially if you're active.

Are you doing strength training? Cardio is great, but it's actually the least important part of the weight loss trifecta... without it, you tend to lose muscle without replacing it. Building muscle makes your body leaner, fitter, and your clothes fit better even if you don't lose weight. It also help you burn more calories at rest and when you do cardio.

What do you do with your cardio (what kind, how much, intensity level), and when was the last time you changed it up? If you're doing the same stuff every day, your body can get used to it, and you can actually end up burning fewer calories than you think you are!

Sparkpeople has a great series on busting through plateaus. First part here:

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3/26/12 9:58 A

Hi. Sounds like you've done great! So maybe do a very high protein diet like the Atkins Diet for several days or a week might help. I am not normally in favor of such diets, but sometimes the changed chemistry can shake up your system. Seems to help me when I hit a plateau. Good luck to you.

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3/26/12 9:38 A

Maybe take a look at what you're eating rather than how much? I lost my last ten with help from Tosca Reno, The Eat Clean Diet-Stripped. Hopefully that helps!

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3/26/12 9:20 A

Hi everyone!
Could someone please tell me what I need to do to lose this last 5-10 lbs. I have been stuck at 130 for months and I cannot figure out why. I eat b/w 1200-1400 calories a day (once and a while I will go to 1500), I exercise regularly and even with my exercise, for the past two weeks I did an extra 20 minutes of cardio per workout. The scale has not budged and my pants feel tight :-( I can't stand this and I don't know how to move forward. BOOOOOOOOO . Please help!

thank you :-)

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