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4/6/13 12:14 P

Could be an endocrine imbalance. You might want to check in with your doctor. Keep a list of all symptoms for a week or so and bring your concerns to your doctor. Once you rule out anything medical, let us know what's going on and maybe we can offer some strategies.

Meanwhile, I'd say to keep exercising. That's the main thing that is helping me through the various swings associated with peri-menopause.

Also, watch your sodium intake, make sure you're getting good nutrition (vitamins and minerals, as well as watching your calories, fat, carborhydrate, etc).

Sleep. Seriously. It's important during this time. 7 or more hours per night.

4/6/13 11:47 A

Ok. Scary Mary has not visited since the beginning of February. I am putting on weight even tho I am eating right and exercising. I am moody, I am tired all the time, my allergies are raging. I know since march I have been packing on the pounds, and by packing I mean almost 7 or so pounds, up and down, I feel like my stomach is getting bigger,I can't suck it in. I have been doing great on my eating etc, but its so discouraging to get on the scale and weigh more than when I started a few weeks ago. Makes me want to say screw it, I am gonna have ice cream for dinner and cookies for breakfast. If I am gonna gain weight and feel like crap, I might as well eat what I want!

I like the not having my period part, but I cant stand to be around myself. I am sure my friends and family wouldnt want to be either. I was reading on line last night about Firbomyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and menopause. Because of my high tolerance to pain, I am leaning more towards the dreaded "Men Will Pause" thing. (no wonder I cant get a date....) I dont know how to just "deal with it" its a natural process. blah...blah...blah... I want guaranteed results. havent they come up with a pill yet? That I wont be allergic to? that I can take to make this go away!

ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! When my husband was alive he said once, "I am so glad I will most likely be dead by the time you go through menopause" How right and how lucky he is... (Him sitting up in heaven on white fluffy cloud laughing at me!) lol

I think this is just another thing I cant do by myself and I dont know where to turn. I either need a plan that will work, or a few more bottles of Jack Daniels.

HELP!!!!!!! Any suggestions on anything? WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon

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