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ZEDMAY Posts: 41
12/5/12 4:42 P

The Mom 100 Cookbook has lots of family friendly recipes that are pretty easy to make.

If you hate all that is involved in cooking, definitely don't take all the responsibility on your shoulders. Get the rest of the family involved.

For meal planning, try:
1. Letting each person in the family pick one or two meals a week. If your kids are older, you could also put them in charge of the meals they pick or at least have them help you prepare them.
2. Writing the names of favourite recipes on slips of paper and pulling them out of a jar to make a menu for the week.
3. Buy a magazine, like Clean Eating, that puts together a week's worth of healthy meals and snacks for you.
4. Try an app or website, like Cozi, that will generate a menu for you.
5. Take a few hours to go through your cookbooks and use colour-coded post-its to mark your pages. One colour for favourite recipes you want to make again and another for new recipes you want to try. Then its easy to find ideas when it is time to come up with a menu; you don't have to flip endlessly through book after book.

For shopping:
1. Use it as "me" time. Leave the kids at home and grab a tea or another healthy beverage to sip as you grab what you need.
2. Take the kids with you and make it a game. Who can find the red cabbage? Who can find low-sodium tomato sauce? etc.
3. If your kids are older, give each one a list and see who can be the first to find all their items and get them into the cart.
4. Divide into teams and split the list. See who can finish the groceries first or get the best deals and ended up with the cheaper total at the checkout.

For cooking:
1. Put on some music that puts you in a good mood. Feel free to dance and sing while you cook.
2. Put the kids to work. Even my 2.5 year old chops veggies (he uses a plastic, serrated lettuce knife so it's safe).
3. Take one day on the weekend and do as much advanced prep as you can so that you have less work to do on busy weeknights.
4. Ask your friend, who you say is a great cook, to teach you how to make a few easy, quick weeknight dishes as a Christmas or birthday present. Free cooking lessons plus at least one meal you don't have to make all by yourself.
5. If you're making a dish that freezes well, make double or even triple and freeze some for later for those really busy nights when you want to cook dinner even less than usual.

Hope one or two of these ideas helps.

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
12/3/12 10:50 A

Yeah, I am not inspired as a cook either. I can put together a decent meal that tastes good, but that's partly from practice & partly from doing the same things over and over.

Get your family involved in the clean-up too! "No TV until the dishes are done!"

I also find that it helps my motivation to figure out how to cook only three or four times a week instead of every day. There is usually one day we eat out or order in; I fix large crock-pot or casserole meals that can be reheated a day or two later; and sometimes we have breakfast for dinner. Scrambled eggs, toast and fruit, and not too bad in the way of cleanup.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
12/2/12 10:00 P

my crockpot is my best friend. you put the food in it...turn it on and let it do it's thing and you have a meal.

PLEASEMASTER SparkPoints: (2,242)
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11/26/12 7:51 P

Thank you all so much for the tips & the help! Sorry I've been slow to reply, been a crazy busy week.
I did have the kids help me wash veggies (I chopped) and put them in baggies for easy, quick access--worked great & they were actually eager to try some of the things they hadn't been willing to try before!

YLLWROSE86 SparkPoints: (976)
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11/25/12 10:24 P

I don't enjoy the cooking or the cleanup... but I do enjoy it when my kids help me! I have a 4,2 and 1 yr old... and I get the 4 yr old and 2 yr old helping me.. stir.. gathering ingredients... molding food. I am always extra careful when they are in the kitchen. They know not to touch the 'hot' food. I have little gloves they wear when handling meats. I find my children are always super excited to eat the healthy nutritious food that they helped prepare vs something i just conjured up by myself. They even help me wash dishes and scoop leftovers into containers to store in the fridge... THEY MAKE COOKING FUN!!! I have had no classes just trial and error. I get a lot of my recipes from or the web or various cookbooks I have accumulated

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11/25/12 11:22 A
My favorite, easy go-to for chicken. Steaming some veggies as sides are easy. Nuke a potato or sweet potato (or actually bake those too.) Boil some eggs to keep in the fridge as protein snacks.
As one person who HATES to cook to another, these will make you feel like a REAL cook with little effort at all.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
11/20/12 10:49 A

message me at any time. I can send you recipes of some very easy dishes. You can use them as side dishes to your protein if you want, but I tend to also use them as my main dish because they contain protein already.

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11/19/12 2:31 P

Great ideas, thank you! I will definitely check them out...
and I'm going to subscribe to your page because I've been interested in learning more about the raw food diet.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
11/19/12 9:26 A

check out some recipes on this site. most are easy.

Don't like to cook? Get yourself a crockpot and do it all in one dish. meat, potatoes and veggies all in one pot.

You don't need a cooking class. But sometimes Whole foods or some other healthy stores may offer free classes. You may also want to check in your area. Those are usually free and may help to inspire you.

I don't cook. i prepare as none of my food is hot or warm. I went vegan raw several years ago so most of mine is cutting slicing dicing and shredding.

Get you kids involved. one of them may like to cook. not sure of their ages though so I don't know if it is possible.

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11/19/12 2:19 A

So I'm an uninspired cook... and I have no talent for it... and I hate it besides.

I have 3 kids. I cook because I have to. Funny how we insist health for our children but don't for ourselves.

I truly hate cooking. I don't just mean the cooking/heating part ... I hate it all, planning, shopping, prep, actual cooking, clean-up... all of it... I just HATE it all... just not for me!

I will say this-- I can conjure up absolutely delectable flavor combinations... just have no skill to execute... all my efforts have been futile if not nauseating.

A friend told me he found cooking to be "a good mindfulness exercise"... well, the stuff he cooks tastes good! So easy for him to say.

I don't have the dinero to pay for a cooking class...

Any help or words of inspiration? Please? I need something to cling to because in order to meet my goals I will HAVE to cook... whether I like it or not

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