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6/11/12 3:59 P

Before the scale started getting friendly, I found that a "hug" from my measuring tape was the best motivator of all! Remember, muscle does weigh more than fat, so if you're doing everything right, you're accumulating more gorgeous muscles! The scale will get on board soon. But you're winning already! May God bless your continued success on this journey we all share.

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6/11/12 3:53 P

Thank you Everyone!!!!! Every one of your posts literally made me smile.

I will take all your advise and pat myself on the back when goals are met whether they are on the scale or not.

Thank you for the reminder and helping me make my day uplifting


6/11/12 3:39 P

It took me years, but I finally gave up my addiction to the scale. Or rather, I gave up my addiction to allowing the scale to determine how I feel on any given day.

i wear smaller clothes, my biceps and triceps are more clearly defined, I can walk farther, I can do more physical work, I sleep better, I smile more often, my medical numbers are all now in the healthy range.

There's not a snowball's chance I'll let something as arbitrary as the number on a piece of equipment tell me I'm not doing a great job!

I DO understand the frustration, because I was equally as upset about my numbers for years. All I can suggest is that if you know for a fact that you are eating the right amount of the right foods and moving your body more, you're doing an absolutely TERRIFIC job of making your life better, and you deserve to congratulate the heck out of yourself.

I'll even do it for you: Congratulations. You are on your way to a better life, and you've done a wonderful job getting there.

6/11/12 12:06 P

look for validation in other areas over just that stupid scale....
I've gone down a size in past 2 months, but have only lost 2 pounds, but I've gone down an entire clothing size.

Say your good stuff again to yourself:

"I've increased my endurance and strength. I am eating good foods to fuel my body and keep it healthy. Soon my skin will start to glow and my clothing will start to fit differently. I will drop fat, and increase muscle and I will become healthy, fit and strong."

Shift that focus, the scale will eventually catch up.


6/11/12 9:52 A

I'm right there with you, KATNELL0107. I have been stuck in the 140's for what seems like ages now. Do I feel better? Yep. Do my clothes fit better? Yep. BUT it would be really nice to have that very objective proof of sucess from the scale, as opposed to the subjective evidence of how I "feel."

I promise to suffer through this lack of affirmation from my scale if you do. A month from now, I bet it will be different.


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6/11/12 9:47 A

Kat, the scale is usually the last thing in on the party. Hang in there - you said yourself, you can see changes other places. And if you KNOW you are doing the right then, then who really needs that number? The scale will eventually catch up, if you KNOW you are doing well. Try using different 'scales' - how you are feeling, how your fitness levels are changing, how you crave fruits/veggies, clothes sizes, etc... all these things are so important to remember too.

A number is a number, but a healthy body is AMAZING.


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6/11/12 9:19 A

I am very discouraged today. Last week I stepped on the scale and everything was great. I had lost a total of 3 pounds in two weeks. This week I stepped on the scale and I gained 1.5

I understand that weight goes up and down due to diet, water weight, etc. But Come On!!!!

I have been tracking and measuring what I eat. Working out every morning. But I still am only fluctuating in weight like I did before I even started.

What am I doing wrong? Or am I just not being fair to myself and giving myself enought time?

I can feel myself getting stronger, I am completing workouts that last week I couldn't and I am not out of breath when I climb the stairs but when the scale doesn't move it is hard to stay motivated.

Any ideas on this?

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