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10/4/11 3:16 P

Good job!

I for one enjoy my coffee too much to give it up! emoticon We have, however, changed to the "lite" half caf stuff, which I enjoy just as much... eventually I iwll hit the total de-caf, but for now this works for us!

I enjoy my tea in the evening before bed... it "soothes" and "calms" me - so not sure I'd want it for my workday "boost"!

Congratulations on getting into your wedding dress "quicker"... just remember quick weight loss isn't always the healthiest way to go! Good luck losing and keeping it off...

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10/4/11 2:55 P

I'm on my 2 week "fix-it or nix-it" stint before I get married - woohoo! My Fiance and I have decided to remove all the potential sabateurs from our diet, which wasn't easy. The biggest issue for me was caffeine. I LOVE my coffee in the AM and tea (let alone herbal) doesn't cut it, but I gave it my all. Not only does the tea give me energy it's enjoyable w/out sweetener!! Who'd a thunk??

I highly recommend it for anyone that needs to be on your toes at work or at home. Removing the caffeine plus the sugar makes me feel even better that I'm doing something good for my body, plus get into my wedding dress that much quicker!!!

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