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9/22/12 7:46 A

Thanks for sharing your success. This journey is not just about tracking your nutrition and exercise, but figuring out how your body functions in the real world. Congrats on your loss and do not allow defeat to stand in your way of success.

Coach Nancy

9/22/12 6:58 A

Last week I fell way off the wagon and started doing some emotional overeating. For months I had been trying to lose my last 10-15 lbs and the scale would not move despite exercising regularly and watching what I ate. The scale just would not move. Aside from that stress was high in my life and I turned to food and after 4 days of that hit the panic button and decided to come to sparkpeople and start using the message boards for help and start using the food tracker. Found out I was not eating enough and exercising too much and that this can actually hinder weight loss. I started eating more and staying within my allotted calorie range and took a week off of exercise to simply concentrate on my food intake and to get some much needed rest and guess what the result was??? A 3 LB WEIGHT REDUCTION! Finally got the scale to move! I am re-motivated and ready to begin my regular workouts tomorrow.

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