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5/4/12 5:12 A

I have been losing weight for 2yrs now and have lost 57lbs in total, 7 of those are from just over a week ago and as a result I believe of joining SP. I already could squeeze my bum into a size 10 (UK) a US 6, but yesterday I got into them comfortably without the hang over from before I joined. I had hit a plateau and stayed there for months wit little idea of how many calories I was consuming although I ate healthy and worked out te weight wasn't coming off and so glad to have found SP :)

JUSTDOIT011 Posts: 1,472
5/4/12 1:46 A

I love fitting back into my "skinny clothes" from 3-4 years ago. :) I tried on all my shorts from last summer, and I had to donate 5 pairs that were too big! Yeah!! I didn't keep my size 4 jeans from high school, but I know that size 6 will work for me soon.

130NOW Posts: 68
5/1/12 7:38 P

That's why I joined SP - to fit back into my jeans. I too recently fit back into them and it's the BEST FEELING EVER! Congrats to you! And I must say, that hearing that you are at the point where you can have a bag of chips or chocolate and not beat yourself up about it is also great not to mention very motivating... I'm not quite there yet... but trying!


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4/28/12 2:38 P

I know there is a article about not keeping your skinny jeans but I think it was meant for jeans you kept from being a teenager. I wore these about three years ago before I stopped weight watchers because of the recession. I keep losing and gaining about twenty five pounds but have done things differently this time. I'm incorporating more excercise this time and developing a habit. I want to make excercise a regular routine as well as eating healthy. Also this time if I feel like chips or a chocolate bar I have it. This is a lifestyle and I am not going to go through my whole life not eating a chocolate bar or bag of chips. I don't feel deprived therefore when I have lost the weight nothing will change except I maybe able to eat a bit more.
It can be done. Never give up and keep on trying.

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