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3/22/12 10:35 P

Bisquick also has a fat in it, so if you are just mixing up flour and baking powder/soda together then you are making a paste/glue when you add a liquid (like paper mache). Do a google search for homemade bisquick recipes and tons will pop up. It will be a mix of flour, baking poweder, makybe b. soda, some salt and sugar, either a veg shortening which will make the mix shelf stable, or butter and you'll have to store it in the fridge. The mix comes together really easily and tastes much better.

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3/22/12 9:00 A

Wow, good option. Thanks for sharing.

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3/19/12 12:51 P

I dont even know what bisquick is!

but surely making dumplings isnt that hard? Look up a new recipe using actual flour? add more water if they are too stodgy and thick right now?

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3/19/12 12:31 A

Would you be interested in using gnocchi instead? They're little potato and flour dumplings that you can find next to the pasta in the grocery store

They are delicious and it would be very easy to control the portion. You could freeze whatever you don't use for the next soup or stew you make. emoticon

I can't keep a box of Bisquick in the house or my kids would want pancakes everyday. emoticon

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3/18/12 7:15 P

My hubby is anti-bisquick, saying it's just flour with baking powder in it. I became anti-ingredient after that, and become so UN-enomorded with his method that I don't use it much.

Whenever I ask him to mix up a batch of bisquick, I'm left with this sticky mass that won't drop from a spoon and can't be thinned down. How am I supposed to throw 6 spoonfuls of dumpling into my traditional stew when the entire thing clings unless I throw the entire mass with enough force to splash half of the soup out of a tall pot?

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