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6/14/12 2:11 P


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6/14/12 12:47 P

Great advice, thank you. I really appreciate it! :)

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6/14/12 12:35 P


Don't tell yourself that your goal is unreachable - it IS reachable and you can do it! The easiest way that I've found is to break my ultimate goal down into several smaller goals and that way it doesn't seem like it's taking so long or that my goal is too far away.

I recommend adding SparkFriends and joining SparkTeams with the same goals and interests that you have. Then you are surrounding yourself with people who understand and who can help you and encourage you!

You've taken the first step toward your goal and you CAN reach it!!

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6/14/12 11:51 A

Welcome to sparks - so glad you found us

Take time to participate regularly on all the groups you have joined - you will get a lot of encouragment when you do so

If I can be of help please just ask

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6/14/12 10:45 A

Hi everyone! Well, I'm just starting on this journey of mine. I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes and how well I can incorporate it into my life. My goal seems unreachable at this point, but I always said I wanted to lose weight before I turned thirty and here I am...I just turned thirty and weigh just under the BIG 300! It is waaay past time for me to take here it goes! Wish me luck and happy (or should I say skinny) thoughts. :)

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