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9/27/12 11:37 A

That is the book that got me started on trying to improve my health! I read it two years ago. Since then I have lost 130 lbs and just finished my first triathlon! It was shockingly easy to lose weight (yes, I was lucky on that one!) once I started cutting out all the things Gary Taubes writes about as unhealthy modern foods.

For a 'lighter' version, try "Why We Get Fat" with some updates on the research and fewer deep critiques of the scientific literature.

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9/26/12 9:27 P

Russell is my hero also. Always great posts!! emoticon

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9/26/12 3:03 P

This book is amazing, but a little over most people's heads. While it is refreshing that he doesn't assume we are all idiots, it makes for tedious reading at points. It is why more people don't get his ideas.

I always love the people who say, just eat less. That has worked well. Or is obesity epidemic a bad thing? Oh right! Since cutting ft consumptio, we have gotten FATTER. They back it up with a calorie, is a calorie.

The point is not whether 1800 calories of potato, and 1800 calories of beef cause equal weight loss.. it is whether after eating 1800 calories of potato, you want another 1800 calories of potato. I guarantee that 25% of the people here have a tracker that looks wonderful, but never count the sweets they got when they bought gas, or the midnight stop at Taco Bell, because they were ravenous. They just show up, and say they ate well all week, and gained a lb! Do we count pop? It's only a drink, not food!

I defy anyone to eat 1800 calories of cream cheese, mayo, meat, cheese, macadamia nuts, and then complain of hunger. Most likely, you will never make it to 1800. This is because fat removes hunger. It satiates.

If you do this with low fat foods, high in carbs, most of us could make it 2-3 days, before stopping to buy a small midnight snack of 1200 calories. Of course that works out to an average of 400-600 extra calories a day.

So a calorie is a calorie is true to a point, but there is a huge difference between how those calories affect our metabolism, or appetite, depending on the macronutrient makeup of your diet.

Saying just eat less is not working. So I say eat less carbs, lose lots of weight, and have more energy to exercise. By the way, with all the people eating low carb now, where are all the sick, or dead people? As far as I can tell, the only side efeect I suffer from is I am 120 lbs lighter, and off my gout, and diabtetes meds, with low BP, uric acid, and my A1C is lower than my doctor's. Of course , since I eat eggs EVERY moring ( not egg whites ), my cholesterol has dropped for 197 to 104, my LDL down to 51, and my triglycerides at 86. My HDL has gone from 23 to 34, which might prevent me from having a stroke.

Of course limiting carbs isn't the only reason for my improved health, 60% fat has also been beneficial. This WOE has allowed me to stay under 1800 most of the time ( I'm human ), for 3.5 years. This was preceded by 7 years of low fat, diabetic diet, when I lost nothing, ate horribly, because I was ravenous, and couldn't control myself. Just like 1/2 of America does.

When someone says just eat 1500 calories... it has to be possible, and it obviously isn't , except for a small % of people. Come up with a way that people can eat that way, and stick to it. Taubes has.

This book is a blueprint of how people ate for centuries, back when cancers, heart disease, and diabetes were not so commonplace. True life expactancy is up, but in the last 100 years we have removed a lot of what they did die from, like smallpox, and polio, even people dying from pnuemonia. Also sugar wasn't as common back then, which made our epidemic worse today.

I just think it is folly for people to say stick to what has failed us, and don't look 50 years in the past at our diets ( and exercise ). We admit that we need more exercise to simulate the exercise farming was, but never pay attention to the diet that made us so healthy at the same time.

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9/26/12 8:45 A

I liked it. I enjoy reading all nutrition books and I take the bits that work for me from each one and put them all together to create a lifestyle I can stick with.

I think that Gary Taubes researched his book well and I personally do very well on a high fat, low carb, moderate protein diet. Sugars, sweet fruits and breads wreak havoc on my blood sugar levels so I do best to avoid them. I can eat sweet potatoes, roasted carrots, roasted squash and some white potatoes though and my blood sugar is fine.

I really liked Jonny Bowdens book Living Low Carb it reviews a bunch of low carb diets and gives the pro and cons of each. Plus he goes through why and how all low carb diets work in easy to understand language. Which is great because lets face it Good Calories, Bad Calories is a tough read!

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9/25/12 10:33 P

It's a billion dollar business, and it ain't for nothing more books come out all the time. Nothing new is coming out anymore, just eat less than you have been, and go with your own flow. Lifetime!

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9/25/12 10:10 P

Just wanted to share a very meaty book that I am about half way through right now that researches all of the "healthy" eating advice that has been thrown at us for the last 200 years. It is pretty detailed, and not a book for a casual reader. Anyone else out there read it, and if so what are your thoughts?

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