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7/19/12 5:20 A

Staying motivated is soooo hard, and I'm fearful everyday that I'll lose it and feel hopeless again. You're doing great, and in such a short time!

7/19/12 1:57 A

This might be totally from left field but I would read up on supplementing with magnesium. Even a slight magnesium deficiency can leave you with fatigue, headaches and achiness. (Other deficiencies can do this too.) I second the suggestion for a medical professional but I would look in to going to a naturopathic doctor because they often understand deficiencies and things that cause these more elusive types of symptoms.

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7/18/12 3:18 P

IAMLOVEDBYYOU, I say that although losing weight will not solve all problem, it does help solve one big one and that is your health!! You should look at what you have accomplished and use it as inspiration to keep you going. emoticon

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7/18/12 2:50 P

Hi! First off, congratulations on your weight loss! That's no small feat and you should be proud of yourself. Have you seen a doctor about the health issues? I'd lay it all out for a medical professional, and let him/her analyze your diet and activity and see what he/she thinks. It may be that you're pushing it too much or cutting back on the wrong foods. Either way, don't lose hope. You sound like a success story already, and maybe you just need to just make some adjustments.

7/18/12 1:36 P

I began this diet with high hopes. I hoped to get thinner, healthier, in shape, to feel better, to have my clothes be baggy, to have more energy, to fuel my body through a balanced, healthy diet high in fruits and vegetables and lean protein.

Unfortunately, I'm beginning to lose steam even though everything is going well I've lost 32 lbs in almost 3 months. People notice my weightloss. I fit into a size 12 instead of a 16. I can notice that even my fingers are thinner.

But I don't feel that much better. At the very beginning I did, but that was also me coming off of a 55 hour work week to a part time 25 hour work week. I exercised yesterday and didn't feel like it was any easier for me. I am still struggling with feeling tired and lacking energy in life. I have been getting headaches. My knees hurt.

Part of the problem is that I feel crappy physically today. I also think I started off with too high of expectations. I thought that losing weight and eating healthier would help me to feel a lot better physically, and emotionally too. I didn't realize how much of an emotional eater I am, and that there are other underlying issues that are contributing to this. To some extent, I feel as though I entered into this journey thinking that losing weight will help solve all of my problems. It hasn't.

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